The Implications of Ordering A Salad

I have deluded myself into believing that ordering a salad undermines my street cred.

I suppose one can also argue whether I am delusional about the existence of my aforementioned “street cred,” as well…but that’s besides the point.

There was a point in my life where the foliage of my consumption habits was composed of various forms of “dressing on the side” salads. Naturally, the salad addiction rehabilitation process that followed those years resulted in a lettuce repulsion* and a hyper-awareness/paranoia regarding what judgements my dining partners were making if I were to order a salad.

As implied, salad, undeniably has a reputation. While I certainly believe that salads have the potential to be the most balanced and delicious of meals (particularly at lunch); I am still under the belief that the general public categorizes anything called a salad as “diet food” and I admit that I still sometimes find myself dreadfully insecure about anyone being under the impression that I am compromising my cravings for the sake of saving a few calories.

While I do regularly indulge in satiating delights such as juicy grass-fed aioli and fontina-fied hamburgers and late night tahini-dripping shawarmas; I do still consume my salads. Mostly when I’m on my own or on the go (and that is partially because I am now more insecure about getting salad remnants stuck in my teeth).

However, the type of salads I consume in this day and age have evolved. Being a self-proclaimed food snob, I rarely dine anywhere with the potential of dressing-drenching so the ‘dressing on the side’ request is no longer necessary. And here, I have an example of a phenomenal salad I ordered for lunch yesterday at Boulangerie Saint Honore; one which I will argue had the same satisfaction potential as a New Seasons Market sandwich:

Roasted Red Beet Salade: Mesclun mixed greens, oven roasted red beets, fourme d’ambert blue cheese, fresh apples and candied walnuts, tossed with  house vinaigrette…oh and I requested an addition of the special tarragon chicken salad (which is what that glory behind the wedges of Fourme d’Ambert is). There is also a wedge of Levain Batard whole wheat bread behind the bowl which was perfect for the remnants of fromage bleu left.

An enchanting mix of dairy, omega 3 fatty acids, vegetable, fruit, protein, and whole grains

Oh, and in case you thought you can go to a French Bakery without ordering a pastry:

Chocolate almond croissant; courtesy of Nazneen who will never say no to dessert.

*= With the exception of butter lettuce

What is your favourite type of salad?

What associations do you have with salads?

Would you rather become deathly allergic vegetables or fruits? (So in other words, which would you rather give up for life)


17 thoughts on “The Implications of Ordering A Salad

  1. Ohmygod favorite salad ever- why do you make me miss portland so much??? 😦 I love St.Honore’s. I’m rocking Organic Girl’s Super Green these days with balsamic and olive oil but they are so yummy you can ever it it plain.

    1. Hahahaa come back! Man, I have to say if I lived across the street from St Honore like you did, all my money would be going there. Everything is just too good.

  2. There are salads and there are SALADS. To SALADS (see the above) I’m like ‘cool, that looks good!.’ To salads, I have to admit that my reaction is like yours, especially if it’s a skinny girl order a pile of lettuce with dressing on the side. It makes me kind of sad. I’d hate to be deathly allergic to either – there are so many nummies of both!

  3. I love salads and hate when people assume my order of one reflects my desire to lose weight…Er no! It’s all about the toppings for me- the more random the better! I am going through an ‘i love fruit more than normal phase’ so I’m going to have to choose being deadly allergic to veggies-…RIP to some of my faves aka butternut squash, brocolli and carrots!

    1. Haha I totally go through fruit phases too…except I’m a little sick of fruit; I had some random pineapple and cantaloupe cravings a few weeks ago and ate a little too much of both…

  4. oh i totally agree with the fact that most people think of salads as diet foods and i also often find it hard not to be put in a category of “calorie savers”. its difficult to explain and i guess understand that there are people that actually LOVE salads. and i REALLY do!! in all variations! i have become a true salad snob though and want a big variety of greens and veggies, preferably with a good source of protein and fat and topped with crunchy seeds. love french bakeries – the above salad looks delicious!

    1. Oh it was delightful! I am quite the salad snob; first of all I despise it when there is an overabundance of lettuce- I much prefer other types of greens and of course there has to be some sort of protein and fat and innovative veggie/fruit combos.

  5. Salads usually don’t fill me up but somehow I think this one, loaded with amazingly French ingredients would do the trick.

    I do have a weakness for CPK’s BBQ Chicken Pizza (minus the chicken). It’s divine!

    1. Oh man, I have a weakness for some of CPK’s pizzas too…as a child my favourite was the rosemary chicken potato pizza but they discontinued it 😦

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