I’ve been dining on a lot of ceviche lately; and I am not complaining in the least as every cell of my being is quite aware of my need for some lean proteins and citrusy yet-slightly-leche-ified light fare to compliment the ridiculous amount of fourme d’ambert and aioli-laden cheeseburgers which have become a nightly work week staple.

If there ever was a run-on sentence, look above.

Andina is arguably one of Portland’s most popular and renown restaurants; one which has been mentioned many times prior on this blog whether for it’s for some delightful 5pm Pisco Sours, succulent chunks of beef hearts, or tangy Ceviche de Pescado.

While I absolutely adore Andina, it is thankfully not the only jaunt in Portland to wine and dine on exquisite Peruvian fare. (And I say thankfully, because a last minute Saturday night reservation is about as likely as me suggesting Applebees as a Happy Hour option).

Last Saturday night was such a night, a night when Yurop and Naz had mad cravings for Causa (since they’re both potato champions obviously), and me for a healthy helping of ceviche. Luckily, our Peruvian friend Manuel had once recommended to us Limo, a homely and candlelit hideaway right off of NW 23rd street

As is typical when the three of us dine together; we ordered just about everything on the small plates menu:

Classic Mixed Seafood Ceviche with Peruvian corn and sweet potato

Three Chilies Ceviche with Leche de Tigre- a “shot” including a tinge of milk drowned in citrus and garnished with the ‘gourmet popcorn-kernel reminiscent’ Peruvian corn

Empanadas stuffed with ground beef, raisins, and spices; pure buttery, flaky, mouth-igniting delight. That yellow sauce? Unidentifiable and flavourless a mon avis

Asparagus drizzled with truffle oil and feta. I think you can guess which component we ordered this for

Beef heart skewers marinated in Panca chili, black mint and spices. Served with Peruvian corn, golden potatoes, and drizzled with anticucho sauce. Dare I say, I may even prefer these over Andina’s beef heart skewers

From back to front: Causa (Potato mashed with lime juice, Aji Amarillo chili and spices) topped with sauteed mushrooms, ginger cream, avocado, and hardboiled egg; Causa topped with crab salad, avocado, hardboiled egg, and a fried shrimp

The crab salad was a tad too “mayonnaisey” and thus reminded me of the serf of all “salads”: Potato Salad. However, the one with the mushrooms had an embraceable blend of umami and creamy while coaxing an alluring breed of Japanese fusion out of this traditional Peruvian dish. Funny, because Manuel’s girlfriend, aka my good friend, Madoka happens to be Japanese…I’m sure they just adore causa.

Overall, was a very satisfying meal. Nothing was too rich (besides the empanadas and crab-ified causa), and I imagined that my skin was probably glowing a tinge more radiantly thanks to the omega-3s, vegetables, and ceviche.

While I do still adore Andina, this place will also have my business in the future depending on the mood du  jour to accompany my frequent leche de tigre cravings.

Oh; and how can I forget- Naz and I being the sugar mamas we are ordered dessert (Yurop had coffee because he finds dessert superfluous):

No-brainer: Cheesecake with passion fruit compote…hate to admit it, but this definitely one-upped the Laurelhurst Market dulce de leche cheesecake from the week before. Especially with that passion fruit coulis…kept me licking the fork prongs, that’s for sure

Limo Peruvian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

How much would you have to be paid to eat a fried stick of butter?

Who/what category of people are you the shyest around?

What routine part of your day to you look forward to the most?


8 thoughts on “Limo

  1. Yuck we would be talking millions to get me to eat a FRIED stick of butter…gah not even because of the calories…the thought/texture makes me want to gag! Isn’t funny how guys find it SO easy to say no to dessert…if only I had that quality in me! We would be great dining partners, Sara…1 cheesecake, 2 spoons :)!

    I love my morning routine (as you probably know by now)…it really puts me in the best mood for the day: workout, shower/chill, breakfast and then head to work! Having a later-than-your-average-start makes morning such an enjoyable time for me!

    1. I only ask because the Iowa State Fair has a fried cinnamony stick of butter fair treat…I mean, how repulsive is that? And obviously we would be great dining partners 🙂

  2. Seafood ceviche & asparagus look so delicious.
    I don’t think I could eat a stick of butter not even for money. I hate the smell of butter in general! I enjoy my morning routine best coffee, check emails, blog reading then prep brekkie. I like the quiet time in the morning 🙂

    1. I agree with you about the butter smell…it’s just so…greasy? And I also love morning quiet time, it’s a struggle though with my new work schedule since I have to leave the house before 8am 😦

  3. You pick the most amazing restaurants…the asparagus alone would have done it for me. Love fresh ingredients prepared very simply! Fantastic.

    Have a fabulous Tuesday Sara!

  4. oh dear- i am drooling over the ceviche. i remember when i was travelling in costa rica i was basically living on it. unfortunately i cant get any here in austria, but that just means i need to travel to south america soon !

    eat a fried stick of butter? oh i think you would have to pay millions and better not tell me its butter beforehand. i dont know if i would b able to swallow it anyways. what about u???

    favourite “routine” part of the day? since my days have been everything but stuck to a routine i have to say that i enjoy my daily showers and dark chocolate truffle in the afternoon the most!

  5. I’d probably get diarrhea from a whole stick of butter. Still, if I am paid…say, about a million dollars, I would do it several times!

    I love that you eat out and order wonderful things. We would so hit off as dining buddies. 🙂

  6. “The serf of all salads” – what a perfect description! I love the way you write Sara, don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before. And mmm, truffle oil. When I’m old and (hopefully) filthy rich I am going to order that stuff by the vat.

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