A Date of Sorts

Forgive me as I have been distracted

And thus have been suffering from some creativity malabsorption; excuses, excuses, I’ve been preoccupied with the usual:

Working: punching out thousands of mundane e-mails, picking at and whining about my split ends, making excuses to walk around (espresso, green tea, other calorically void beverages), and of course using my breaks to dish and shop

Being an After Hours Socialite: spritzing Parisienne before handing the keys to the valet, leaving a trail of Catherine Malandrino patented sequins, staying out late picking at “flatbreads” just to drown them with Laphroaig, dishing about osetra caviar, real estate trends, and Michael Kors going public

-Down-to-Earth-ing it: Grocery runs for kefir, calling 3/4 of a cake doughnut lunch, playing with McQueen (Nora’s crazy new kitten), watching some NBA, and legitimate pyjama/silk robe skyping with my cousins in Saudi Arabia


Let’s move on; it’s 6:47 PM. As my partially-delusional socialite-ness tends to dwindle during the first half of the work week, I still have around an hour and half before I will go to bed so that I can in the words of Khushboo, make my 5am candied morning bubble bath prior to work (I now have a normal people work schedule fyi- 8:30am-5:00pm…rough)

This post is about my Saturday night, Christmas Eve if you will.

You see, I have this friend at work; her name is Madison and she is one of my top two distractions at work and is from North Dakota and sometimes does stuff like eat a cookie the size of my face and her face combined and then call it lunch. She also has a Louis Vuitton duffel bag which resembles the morbidly obese great aunt of my Eva Pochette Louis and we like to make jokes about Bagel Thins and Granola Thins and other foods with the words “Thin” in them.

Long description short, she is a fabulous person and we get along quite nicely in the sense that awkward silences are an impossibility, we can laugh together in such a state that will leave my heart palpitating long enough that I can guilt-lessly waive exercise for the day, and we can go out on the town and…you know, be socialites

So, that’s exactly what we did…

We put on our pumps, un peu de rouge on the lips, and some olfactory candy and drove down to Wildwood, a Portland-chic restaurant on NW 21st specializing in local Pacific Northwest Cuisine

Since it was Christmas Eve, and all the tables were reserved for families out on the town to enjoy some rustic and wholesome fare and cheer, we opted to sit at the bar where the vibe is more caj and there are little hooks for us to hang our Louis’ and Michaels.

The menu was delightful; populated with the typical Northwestern gourmand’s seasonal favourites

Since the rustic loaf of bread and butter brought out was not only heavy in quantity but too chewy and dreadfully satisfying to resist, we both decided to go with small plates as our entrees; plus as this was a date of sorts, the goal of the evening was not to gorge but to savour and enjoy- both company and the fare

Madison chose the russet potato gnocchi with sage, hazelnuts, pumpkin, brussels sprouts, and bacon

I, on the other hand was in great debate between two of the starters. You see, I have developed an intense magnetism toward salads primarily composed of hazelnuts, fromage bleu, roasted beets, and apples/pears. Being a combination of entirely Oregon-local ingredients, some sort of interpretation of this salad can be found on just about every ‘bougie cum artisan cum Pacific Northwestern’ restaurant in Portland. However, as this tends to be a vegetarian salad, I chose to go for the meatier option:

Red-Wine Braised Lamb Crepinette: Curried Collard Greens, Crispy Fried Chickpeas, Minted Yoghurt, and Preserved Lemon

I am well aware that the flash-less nature of this photo does this mouthwatering fusion-fest absolutely NO justice. It was impeccable, the lamb tender and succulent soaking up the Mughlai flavours of it’s accompaniments. It was also the ideal size for a small meal and with a satiating composition thanks to the virgin falafel texture of the fried chickpeas

We didn’t get dessert; well…unless Madison’s Negroni and my Chers Domain count. We did linger a while longer, soaking our mini-buzzes with bread, butter, hearty laughs, ideas, and secrets

Wildwood on Urbanspoon

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? How long does it typically take you to get close with people?

How do you prevent your creativity from waning?

What is your signature scent (this is a perfume question)?


8 thoughts on “A Date of Sorts

  1. That gnocchi sounds spectacular! (Sans the bacon of course, but still). I think I’d consider myself an extrovert for all intensive purposes, but how long it takes me to get close to someone depends on the situation/person.
    As for a signature scent it’s got to be Viktor and Rolf’s Flowebomb, I’m a sucker for sickly sweet almost candy-like smells.

  2. I’ve been using Inis, which is a relatively cheap scent (but I love, love, love the smell) from Ireland since my study abroad in 06!

  3. I have yet to find a good gnocchi but this one? It looks fantastic.

    8:30 am to 5 pm? Sounds like a dream schedule…you are lucky! And to shop during your breaks too? Best job ever.

    Happy New Year my friend! Hope you have a fantastic one.

  4. I love your approach to food: savor rather than gorge–> that’s why French women don’t get fat! That gnocchi sounds like pillows of heaven- absolutely delicious! I am glad you have found a way to fit those bubble baths in- all about priorities right ;)! I am an initial introvert but once I get familiar with someone and can relate to him/her, I instantly turn into an extrovert. I have to find my comfort zone before I can ‘unleash’ the real me! As for signature scent, I am currently using Narciso Rodriguez For Her which I am obsessed with! It’s been “my” perfume for over a year and yet I have no intention of making the switch!

  5. Great question! I’m totally both! I think I’m outgoing with lots of people, but some I’m not…..

    Lol, I learned in my Leadership Books to treat everyone a as a 10, so you MUST be outgoing and supportive of all….I’m working on it. Business, gotta love building your own! You gotta be out there 😉

    Your dinner looks FAB!!! YUM!!!

    I’m in search for a new scent! I wore prada for a long time…..i used to rock Burberry Weekend when it was still kickin 😉


  6. I consider myself pretty much 50/50 intro/extrovert. Love that you recreated the holidays in the city with your friends…one could almost call it creative 🙂

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