Fashionably Late

It’s 2012

Talking about your resolutions (or how you’re above making resolutions), your accomplishments, and how you woke up covered in glitter and sequins with an empty bottle of Cristal in your Muse bag is officially TOTALLY passé. And for the record, who goes out on the town with a MUSE bag? I mean, if I scrunched into fetal position I can probably fit inside one of those things.

Allow me to preface by saying that I wholeheartedly intended to roll out a plethora of loaded posts this past week- one discussing in short the accomplishments of this year, another celebrating the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this blog (it was on 12/27/2011), and a third dishing on my hypothetical resolutions

Since those initial ideas, I have endured what can be best regarded as an ego hangover so I am not going to make a bullet-pointed list bragging to you all about how many times Prabal Gurung retweeted me in 2011 or how I managed to rack over 40,000 Lufthansa air miles, graduate college, author a 40 page thesis on ethnolinguistic fractionalization’s relation to corruption, get a job at a luxury goods company I’m obsessed with, and you know… do some freelancey stuff and rack a #4 ranking for Portland Urbanspoon.

My bad…guess I just did…without the bullet points.

It was a grand year; full of milestones, ambition, realisations, and tribulations; new friends and experiences and of course only the best food and outfit combinations

Steak frites with brandy mustard sauce

And a year that ended with business dishing in a Mink shrug and my half of a Steak Frites order at Bluehour… alongside a Spicy Caipirinha or two.

What was your grandest accomplishment of 2011?


13 thoughts on “Fashionably Late

  1. Wow that question kind of struck me….what WAS the biggest accomplishment? I mean it was a year full of new experiences but I have a feeling that changes in my life are gradual rather than sudden, including the accomplishments I guess.

    But if I had to say one, it would probably be that I made it a goal to push myself more in terms of how much I can balance and I’m glad to say I haven’t crashed and burned (yet).

    Maybe this year I’ll try to do something really big that would make me super proud in the end.

    Hahaha I love your accomplishments though.

    1. Boy am I delayed at comment-replying! So happy to see you writing in! Congratulations on learning that balance 🙂 it’s a tough one to come to terms with, and hey you won’t crash and burn if you take a bubble bath every day…guaranteed!

  2. Wow check you out–> 2011 was such a great for you! Do I sound absolutely ridiculous if I admit that I’m kinda jealous about all those racked up air miles? That’s how ballers roll clearly ;)! I wish I could state my grandest accomplishment but I am not sure I can, at least not without some thought! However one thing I am SO glad I did in 2011 was switch jobs to something which I am growing from on a daily basis and really enjoying! Not having to clock watch and actually look forward to going into work is such a wonderful feeling! Cheers to an even more fabulous 2012…and of course we’re cheers-ing with virtual glasses of Dom in our hands ;)!

    1. Hah CHECK YOU OUT! And helloooo, I’m sure our mileage statements look rather similar Miss Jetset yourself 😉
      Please come to Portland now that I have banished all your stereotypes so that we can have some real glasses of Dom to cheer to…and on that note I can guarantee you that we will probably be the only people in the entire state of Oregon toasting to Dom

  3. My favorite part of 2011 was my 2.5 year relationship ending, right at the beginning. That sounds weird, but when it happened, I was SO hurt, devastated, lost, etc, but as the year went on, I grew, changed & accepted things. It made me want to pull up roots and move to Asheville for six months, to focus on making myself happy and it made me into the (very) different person I am now, exactly one year later.

    1. That does not sound weird at all; it sounds like a life change that needed to happen and led to so many phenomenal discoveries. Perhaps the belief that has kept me going the most in life (and free of regret) is that everything happens for a reason…even if it takes a while to come to realization.

  4. My favorite part was the end of the year because I got a consulting job that I LOVE and one that I actually look forward to doing! I’m so grateful because it took me a long, long time to find something like that.

    Can’t wait to read more about your fashionable combinations in 2012!

    1. Congratulations on the consulting job by the way! You more than deserve to have a job that you love and look forward to and as cliche it is, the best things often materialize after a long wait…which makes the satisfaction even greater 🙂

  5. Grandest accomplishment of this year would have to be the end of what seemed like a lifelong struggle with weight/food/body image etc. It sounds like you’ve had a great year Sara! I’m so glad I found your blog and can’t wait to read more.

    1. Thank you Nada 🙂 And believe me I always look forward to your delicious recipes- especially the ones with the Arabic twists. That is a monumental accomplishment you have achieved! I admit it’s still an ongoing process for me, but in the past two years the strides have been enormous and made it much easier.

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