As of late, I have a hard time staying home…which also equates as to why my presence has been figuratively missing in action the past several weeks.

What can I say?

I love to talk. I love to ask for advice (which nine times out of eleven I will not actually take). I love to nibble on posh/bougie/gentrified trashy things. I love to take three hours to sip a glass of aquavit blanketed in egg whites. I love to have deep conversations then pull out my blackberry and take internal pleasure in what it must look like to use the tips of my gel manicured fingers to add an appointment or reference a photo that may come up in conversation. I love to laugh and dish and just bask in the presence of my wonderful friends…who by the way are all finally back in Portland for their respective career/education endeavours; and my amusement of course.

Since I have exactly forty-two minutes before I have to get out of my now discontinued D&G pyjamas and look presentable enough to go out for artisan ice cream on Alberta with David and Anne; I only have time to cover one “recent” blogworthy HO (hangout)-sesh.

For Martin Luther King Day, my boss surprised us with a miracle in the form of getting out of work five hours early

Of course, within ninety seconds of putting on my coat I was ready to make lunch plans, so I hit up David who suggested Frank’s Noodle House on Northeast Broadway since he was “gross from the gym.”

It worked out well; as I had also kept my outfit on the lax side- you know bumming it in a pair of 7 for all Mankind skinnies and a slightly wrinkle-strewn plain white Rosegold v-neck

In normal circumstances, I am not a fan of noodles– besides my nearly defunct former fear of nutritionally-lacking carbohydrates, I find their texture to be rather rubbery. However, the man who I assume to be Frank is a niche-celeb on the Portland Metro noodle scene having been the master behind Beaverton Korean/Chinese strip-mall favouirte, Du Kuh Bee (where I have admittedly not made a trip to yet…)

Therefore, I was not going to be a starch-avoiding beezy and go with kung pao chicken:

Noodles with chicken, onions, capsicum, green onions, cabbage

I chose the spiciest option and avidly picked out the green capsicum so I wouldn’t pass out and die (I’m allergic, remember).

It was ridiculously delicious and satisfying and left me feeling fresh as a daisy- the noodles at Frank’s are hand-pulled, chewy, and al dente (for lack of a better term). And the lunch portion is ideal, easy to finish, and best complimented with the kimchi brought to the table- all for $6.95

They also gave me a free hot and sour soup…I have no clue what’s in it, but I was as famished as a celibate mosquito so I polished that off as well:

David had the egg drop soup and pork noodles, which all looked the same so I did not bother to photograph his food. Plus homeboy was just at the gym so I wasn’t about to make him wait for me to snap a shot

Frank's Noodle House on Urbanspoon

That’s all for now as it’s rather difficult to simultaneously blog/blowdry/apply mascara, but rest assured that I’ll be back soon to tell you about all the fancy cheeseburgers, cheese plates, and platonic dates I’ve been indulging in.


2 thoughts on “Noodles

  1. I don’t apply mascara but can sympathize with your efforts to blog and blow dry at the same time. 🙂

    Happy Sunday my friend. Sorry I’ve been away for a while! Work’s been pretty crazy.

  2. I am the ultimate Chinese food snob…if ain’t quality food, I ain’t eating it! I think those noodles would pass the test :)! I have to say, I missed your style of writing :)! Hope all is well, Sara!

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