Rose and Oysters

A week and a half ago, I was cracking some pistachios and tracking the shipment of my Charlotte Ronson silk malbec skirt when I received an e-mail from Lisa at Curator PR

It was an invitation to a private pre-Valentine’s Day wine and dine pairing at Whole Foods in the Pearl District on the following Monday at 6pm.

Though I was a tad unclear on the exact structure of the event; the promise of oysters, Gewürztraminer, cheeses, and truffles was enough incentive to refrain from making any other social commitments for the night

I RSVP’d and received a confirmation that I could bring along a +1; and with my always DTE (down-to-eat), friend Anne back in the hood, I knew exactly who would be accompanying me.

I suppose it would be valid to say that this was my first “Blogger Event.” When Anne and I arrived- the other five or six women invited were busy meticulously photographing the bowls of truffles and bottles of Pinot neatly arranged around the table and counters

Several were tweeting/instagramming ferociously…even ANNE was…and Anne only ever uses twitter to respond “hilarious” whenever I tag her. As my Twitter is not associated with my blog and reserved for vent seshes about my split ends, bubble baths, and pheromones- I simply took a few pics…with a camera. Not a phone. Plus, I have a Blackberry so I don’t really know what Instagram is and don’t want to since it would probably make me jealous

Each of us was given a programme for the evening with adequate space to make notes. Of course this meant for me that each sip I made was delicate and followed by a pause, gaze in the distance (meaning the ceiling), and then a jotting of phrases such as, “Citrus-tinged berry flavour, compliments the acidic tinge of oysters,”

Which leads me to Pairing #1:

Treveri NV Rose Bruit paired with Barron Point Oysters:

Oysters taste alright when drowned in bougie condiments and look posh…which is why I eat them (and also make sure that I’m wearing my Tahitian pearls while doing so).

Pairing #2:

Westrey Pinot Gris 2010 paired with Meadowcreek Grayson and Baked Brie

The baked brie was ridiculous; the kind of consumption experience that had me pondering out loud why I do not partake in it’s glory more often– the crust was buttery, flaky and full-bodied oozing with roasted tomato and fatty/velvety/scrumptious fromage

The Pinot on the other hand was light and subtle, balancing out the nouveau riche composition of the Baked Brie. And while this event was labeled as a “Wine Tasting,” I’m sure you all know by now that I was way more in munch mode and thus doing just that with the vin– tasting.

Pairing #3:

JK Carrier Provocateur Pinor Noir 2009 paired with Herb Crusted Lamb topped with Cherry Chutney

The lamb was exquisite, complemented with some fromage and sauteed kale- a perfect pairing with the mildly spiced Pinot.

Pairing #4: Andrew Rich Late Harvest Gewurztraminer 2008 paired with Vanilla One Bite Cupcakes

This wine was delicious; super sweet and grape juice reminiscent; so sweet in fact that the cupcake paired well with it since it ironically helped with counteracting the sweetness

And the nightcap:

Overall, it was a fabulous, delectable, and educational experience– oh and Anne and I made a new friend, Anna of the blog Banana Wonder

It’s also worth mentioning that I got a free bouquet to put on my desk at work:

So here it is, a big thank you to Whole Foods Pearl District and Lisa at Curator for the invite and delightful event…and for allowing me the opportunity to use my fifteen minute break at work to coyly refill the water in my vase

Ever been to a Blogger Event?

Wine or dine?


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