Scrapple and Things

My 23rd Night in a Row of Going Out:

The Scenario: 1:56 am with my friends Caitlin and Madison at The Goodfoot (and a bunch of Idahoan dudes in their late twenties); a quintessentially “Portland” dive bar strewn with pool tables, high-top tables, pinball machines, and what I assume to be local artwork blanketing the otherwise potentially dingy walls of the large space.

The Crowd: There was a dude in neon green striped bell-bottoms, two guys who I SWEAR on my Phillip Lim skirt must have been from Vallejo, CA wearing a get-up of a moon & mountain landscape oversize button up paired with a black tie, baggy Ecko jeans and their two Hollister-clad girlfriends (or sisters…who knows), some random chicks in four inch peeptoes who should have been downtown at Aura, a crew of newsboy-capped blokes pretentiously sipping on their Widmers and hating on Madison for wearing a rabbit fur stole, and of course the aforementioned group of Idahoan dudes who were very keen on teaching Madison how to get rid of her hiccups (which by the way ended up disappearing at approximately 2:38am en route back home somewhere around SW Broadway and SW Washington). Then there was me, as usual covered in Versace bling and in a Hyden Yoo shearling jacket/pencil skirt pairing nonchalantly losing at pool, trying to convince strangers that I just turned 29 and a half and simultaneously sharing phenomenal amounts of chicken strips, fries, and Ninkasi with my crew for the night…aka David, Caitlin, and Madison.

A very Portland Night. Very. Prior to deciding to venture out to the Goodfoot, we were predictably at Kask chatting with Portland’s finest beverage artists over boot strap bucks; then even before that…dinner…


Madison and I had established early on Saturday that we would indeed be extending her birthday week into the weekend and thus be indulging in one another’s company for the night; hence when David shot me a text suggesting a “Fancy Dinner at The Bent Brick with Erika and I?” I knew we had found a solution

The Bent Brick is a relatively new establishment on NW 17th and Marshall specialising in what can be best described as New American cuisine with an Alpine/Mitteleuropa-twist

The space is open and modern warehouse-rustic and conducive to a variety of dining scenarios- a date, an adventurous family supper, or a group of friends craving a relaxed yet sleek atmosphere to bask in each other’s company while splitting a gallery of a meal

After a round of Old Fashions and Negronis, we initiated the fest with sunchoke tots with sorrel cream. I, being an avid fan of various ‘chokes found this to be an absolutely delightful starter dish–a true gentrification of the truly trailer “tater” tot

Mussels on the half shell with smoky aioli and tabasco mignonette: Fabulous umami flavour, however I personally cannot get over the slimy texture of mussels…

Compliments of the kitchen: The entirely vegetarian parsnips, carrots, rye berries, brown butter, sage

A phenomenal pairing- a tinge of sweetness from the brown butter mixed with the nutty rye berries and accented with a mustard-like sauce–basically left me wondering why I don’t consume rye berries more often

Duck scrapple, egg sauce, sweet potato, red-eye gravy

Not entirely sure how to describe the scrapple; our bartender mentioned the word confit at some point and we were all sold- and for legitimate reason: The scrapple was succulent and moist (in the best sense of the word)- the epitome of comfort food with the tiny slivers of sweet potato; without a doubt one of the evening’s favourites

Squid, fennel, chickpea, green coriander

Strangely enough, this was my first experience with squid, and I quite enjoyed it- while a bit slippery in texture, I found it much preferable to the mucous consistency of the mussels.

Sweetbreads, radish, cabbage, horseradish, dill

In my opinion, this was the least remarkable plate- very heavy emphasis on alpine vegetable flavours, though personally I am not a huge fan of the cabbage club so I had a small taste and saved space for the much anticipated large plates:

Lamb, beets, quince, buttermilk

It would be fair to admit that I have been having quite the pompous affair with lamb over the past six months; something which used to be far too gamey for my buds. This, however was beyond the realm of decadent, perfectly braised bits with the medium rare sea-salt crowned slivers. Delightful. And for the record, this was the dish I chose for the table

Coho Salmon, Pumpernickel Spaetzle, Brussels, Red Cabbage

Another textural theme park of flavours- between the grainy chunks of spaetzle, crispy tidbits of cabbage and brussels, and of course the delectable salmon; another favourite

Naturally, we decided to get every dessert on the menu…which was only two, but still…

Xocolatl de davíd milk and cookies

Three different varieties of cookies and chocolate/butterscotch milks- the centre cookie was my favourite, an intense dark chocolate which materialised in flavour after the initial chew (does that even make sense)?

cheerio™ pudding, yeasted caramel, apples

Erika and Madison were not crazy about the texture of this; which like a lot of puddings was quite gelatinous. David and I on the other hand were more than thrilled to polish this off. How did it taste? Just like breakfast; a mouthwatering, it’s a sunny morning glory breakfast- sweet from the syrupy yeasted caramel and apples, and satiating from the oats and cheerios meshing with the “unpenetrated yoghurt” state of the pudding.

What a fantastic meal it was; Bent Brick does a spectacular job at composing a textural sonata for each plate while still providing a multidimensional array of flavours emphasising umami and the unrealised potential of winter vegetables and grains

Bent Brick on Urbanspoon

What is your least favourite food texture?

What would be a typical night out in your town/neighbourhood?

How many nights a week do you “go out”?


3 thoughts on “Scrapple and Things

  1. this restaurant looks amazing! i wished i could find more of that style here in Austria! I usually go out to eat 1-3 times a week, i am trying to save a bit at the moment so always carrying my lunches with me so i can go out a couple of times for dinner. its all worth it though and i enjoy my homemade lunches most anyways! want to come to portland for a little food tasting now! 🙂

  2. Squishy textures like American cheese or cottage cheese kill me. and I don’t know to describe baby corn other than GROSS. I go out one or two nights a week, usually only one late night.

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