This Post was Going to be About What my Hypothetical Personal Assistant’s Responsibilities would be…

Good morning….or afternoon rather.

Sorry for the mishap; but do understand it is excusable considering that I have for once allowed myself the luxury of wallowing all morning/early afternoon long in my cashmere robe with a quadruple espresso and my usual weekend breakfast of goose liver foie gras and Sarabeth’s strawberry rhubarb preserves on levain.

The highlight of my start to the weekend? Waking up to the live stream of Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2012 Ready to Wear show. While this blog has toned down on the fashion coverage in the past several months; Prabal is a designer dear to my heart (as indicated in this video from a year ago and this post covering his J Crew capsule collection). Nearly a year ago on the day, I expressed my enthusiasm at his much anticipated Fall 2011 collection, and this year I find myself even more enamored.

The official clips are not yet up on, but once they are, you can expect to see here my favourite pieces. Let’s just say that I was absolutely blown away (and this was only one shot of espresso down,  mind you). The collection is an exhibition of sensuous yet fierce elegance-; a firework show of metallics, sheer fitted accents, and luminescent cobalts, whites, and blacks. I want to wear it all.

Anyways, I have gone way off track from the title of this post; in fact you’re probably skimming for photos at this point

Here’s a photo for you:

This is me at work...watering my flowers while laughing about something no one has any business knowing about

It’s an action shot, and courtesy of my too-dapper-for-words colleague, Lee- who was also so kind as to help me zip up my new Zac Posen dress the following day

Speaking of dresses:

A few notes regarding my collection of dresses:

1) I need to move into somewhere with a larger walk-in closet…or preferably, perhaps make my bedroom my walk-in closet and my WIC as my bedroom…

2) I should forgo two cheese plates and an aquabeet in lieu of purchasing myself a steamer

3) Portland needs to have more couture-appropriate events…then invite me to them.

4) I have organised my dresses into the following categories:

-Couture: Par example my Versaces, Lanvins, and Luellas

-Classy/Special Occasion: Sequins/more nighttime accented shifts

-Weekend Nights on the Town: LBD’s, anything metallic or with zippers…fine there may or may not be a couple of skintight American Apparel garments and Tart infinity dresses involved…

-Summer/Spring Dresses: Silky, floral, flouncy, casuals

-If I go on a non-platonic date: Typically dresses with sleeves that are silky and lack any semblance of skank factor

-Work/Brunch Appropriate: Think lots of Temperley, Jonathan Saunders, and Rachel Roy


OFF TRACK AGAIN…you know what, I’m just going to save the actual ‘Personal Assistant Responsibilities’ post I had intended for another one, since I obviously have far too much else to preface with…like how many dates I went on with Madison this week:

Gorgeous, n'est-ce-pas?

Monday night, after work we headed to one of my PDX favourites, Andina for some chimichurri asparagus, anticucho de pollo (those chicken skewers I have already posted way too many times about), and a surprise dessert from the staff who somehow some way figured out that she was freshly twenty-two

Then there was Wednesday…a day which started off horrendous for the both of us (think spouts of physical pain for unexplainable reasons, broken Espresso makers, and other minor detriments which cannot be revealed on the internet).

But somehow it was all better come 2:40 PM when the UPS delivery man arrived at my office with my new fantastically-fitting Zac Posen silk LBD…and from then on, it only got better:

Madison and I headed to another one of my PDX favourites, Gruner at 5:30 PM and we each started off with a gorgeous tumbler of Aquabeet (how stereotypically Scandinavian of us)..yes those toothpicks have beet carpaccio.

Today’s cheese, hazelnuts, strawberry preserves

Initially, we had intended for this to be a quick fromage & aquavit sesh, but as usual we were having way too much fun. It also didn’t hurt that external stimuli communicated via our mobile phones added some sprinkles of (demerara) sugar to the evening…including a Facebook friend request from Madison’s dad.

Alors, we decided to prolong the evening with what is known to be one of the best hamburgers in Portland (which as you should know by now also means the United States and thus also means the world):

hambürger on a potato bun with fontina, b&b pickles, pickled red onions, aïoli, arugula & house-made currywurst ketchup

Next time I will have my regular camera, because I am well aware that my Blackberry cannot do this phenomenal Duke of sandwiches proper justice. Think a hearty potato bun and the juiciest encasing the juiciest, sloppiest slab of medium rare meat imaginable. You will need several 1,000-thread count napkins with you…

We also ordered an endive/apple/fromage bleu/walnut salad for some vegetable balance


As for dessert…we were having trouble deciding…

…and not deciding whether or not to have dessert but with WHICH dessert to go with

Not a moment after placing our dessert order; one of the waitresses brought over another dessert- placed it in front of us coyly and informed us that someone secret had sent us dessert:

caramel mousse parfait, ginger-spice cake, pear confiture

Could this day get ANY BETTER? Who sent Madison and I dessert, you ask? I had my suspicions as Gruner and Kask are adjoined…and as you all know, one of my best friends David works over at Kask…

…and the waitress confirmed it as he had witnessed Madison and I dishing and laughing and making sandwiches out of our apples and brie in our corner window booth

The dessert itself was decadent, the mousse creamy and rich and melding beautifully with the ginger spice cake. But do remember we also had another dessert coming…

three nut tart, molasses cream, cider glazed apples

Equally glorious and a very welcome alternate to my typical chocolate-themed dessert choices; of course both were quite saccharine to tongue and tooth but nevertheless addictive and difficult to NOT finish

Alright, I am getting the sense that this post is long and scattered enough for today…now tell me a few things…

What do you look forward to most in your workday?

How do you turn a drab day around?

What’s the sweetest surprise you have had this week?


8 thoughts on “This Post was Going to be About What my Hypothetical Personal Assistant’s Responsibilities would be…

  1. First off – your dress collection + WIC, I am all kind of jealous right now! I think you should do a feature post for each category, there are a few numbers in there that caught my eye and I’m intrigued.
    Secondly – your desserts look heavenly, as does that Aquabeet – whatever it is.

    The sweetest surprise I’ve had in a while was someone anonymously sponsoring me £100 for my charity run, I still haven’t figured out who it is!

    1. Thank you Nada! Too kind you are, I will say though that it is a collection which has been in the works for several years.
      And how touching that must have been to have the anonymous sponsor- shows the good there is in the world

  2. i love seeing pics of all your dinners out. looks so much fun! i’d really love to join u one day ! seems like u have soms super fun and tasty restaurants in portland! oh and loooove ur wardrobe!

  3. Can we please meet up for coffee, dinner, then more coffee, please?! I can’t decide what i love more about this post – the dresses or the desserts…how about it’s a tie? I’d looove to see all of those dresses each, but that’d be quite the task 😛 OH and I totally would sleep in my WIC and put all my clothes in my room if it meant I could have an endless supply of em’. 🙂

    1. Yes yes and YES! You need to get your iron-pumping behind to Portland so we can do coffee, desserts, dress shopping, and cocktails…then repeat. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, most certainly turned my less than pleasant morning around 🙂

  4. Ummm you can ship some of those dresses over here. I won’t even charge for storage costs.

    But in any case I love candid action shots like those….so funny to look back at them later on.

    And I can’t believe how great Portland’s dining scene is. Over the summer, I plan to really get to know san francisco’s restaurants well.

    Sorry about the negative comment by the way! Can’t please them all I guess.

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