Luc Lac

Most times I get off work and I am simply not ready to go home

And this, my friends is part of the reason why I was able to so easily (and inadvertently) accomplish my 31 days of going out streak. Of course, that streak was broken a couple of Mondays back and now my consecutive streaks tend to populate in the single digits as after all, it does get to be rather exhausting and expensive and tends to accumulate massive quantities of split ends due to excessive heat styling.

For the most part, I live on my own; and being someone who derives a rather significant chunk of livelihood through the company and motivations of others- I am almost always down for a post-office date.

Then, of course there are those days where I come to work, leave my Chanel wayfarers on, ignore everybody and guzzle espressos and advils as if they’re pheromone-enhancers and later proceed to decide that the rest of my outfit is far too good to be wasted on the commuters in 5:15 PM traffic…

…So then I reply to Anne or David’s text or Yurop’s BBM or Madison’s Skype and head over to Luc Lac/Kask/Andina/Teardrop/Gruner/Clyde Common/Bluehour post 5pm

This past Thursday (like several prior ones), Luc Lac was the Happy Hour venue of choice

When it comes to food, this dusky Yamhill district Vietnamese Kitchen takes the pho with having one of the best happy hours in Portland. For one thing, “Happy Hour” runs from 4-7PM Monday-Saturday, and for another most of the delectable small plates run at $2 each and the salads at $3

David first introduced Anne and I to Luc Lac several weeks ago when a late night cream cheese wonton craving struck…so, yes on that note they are open until 4am. If you’re a fan of the flavours of Pok Pok and the prices of the food carts…then this is your place.

Thursday, I got off work at 5, dressed in a Kate Spade catalogue ensemble for kicks; and found a lovely parking spot right up front on 2nd and Taylor. Since Kelsey and David were running slightly late from their afternoon of wine-tasting, Anne and I went ahead and ordered close to the entire happy hour menu:

Steak Rolls: marinated round steak wrapped around grilled vegetables

Delectable. I mean…it’s steak…instead of dough.

Bo Tai Chanh: rare slices of steak cooked with citrus, pineapple sauce, cilantro, onions, fresh herbs, peanuts and shallots

 One of my favourite salads, hands down…sweet, meaty, spicy, and salty and pairs delightfully with an old fashioned a mon avis

Fresh Spring Rolls (Shrimp): vermicelli noodles, romaine, sprouts and mint rolled in rice paper
Coconut Prawns: coconut-panko battered prawns w/ sweet chili
Garlic String Beans
Chicken Salad: pulled chicken breast on a bed of cabbage with fried shallots & lime- ginger vinaigrette dressing
Charbroiled chicken skewer: marinated w/ lemongrass & glazed w/ honey
Cream Cheese Wontons: cream cheese filled with house sweet and sour

 The cream cheese wontons are ridiculous; if anyone knows me they know that I would NEVER order such a carbocream meatless fest on my own. However, David insisted we all split an order of what has the potential to be an ultimate drunchie (though keep in mind this was 6PM so this was merely dinner and not post-sip blood sugar rockbottom). Just imagine a crispy, crunchy little dumpling which squirts hot, succulent cream cheese upon initial bite-age. And it’s good…really good…go ahead and order it on your platonic date, they’ll thank you for introducing them. Unless, they’re vegan.

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Do you go out on weeknights?

What would your perfect wonton be stuffed with?

Does your office have a specific mode of dress?


2 thoughts on “Luc Lac

  1. Wow all that food sound delicious especially the spring rolls! All the spring rolls I’ve come in contact with are deep-fried, greasy rolls and doesn’t look as fresh by any means! I have to go out a couple of nights during the workweek to kill the monotony…also I have a fairly late start (10.30) so I don’t have to be in bed till midnight! Our product focus is jeans, so I think it’s kind of a given what my specific mode of dress is- works out ideal for me :)!

  2. Going out on weeknights is a luxury I no longer enjoy on a regular basis thanks to the several early morning starts I’ve been blessed with this term. My office last year was one of the few on the whole site where we weren’t allowed casual fridays which kind of sucked – but I will admit to missing donning pencil skirts and heels on a regular basis.

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