Notes on Nonchalance and Five Unconventional Stress Inducers

Sunday is finally living up to it’s name. I’m taking a little walk on the wild side and blogging from my living room with the sliding door open and allowing some rays of sunshine to penetrate the underwhelming cocktail of nonchalance and exhaustion which has been the #storyofmylife for the past several weeks.

While I rant, enjoy the sporadic pictures of various brunches  munched on the past several weeks since Sunday is for brunches after all.

Lobster and Mascarpone soft scramble, smoked cippolini, chow-chow, brioche toast// at Irving Street Kitchen

This morning at the gym, Anne brought it to my attention that there is a likelihood that I am simply Vitamin D deficient. So, here I am halfway basking in the sun from the comfort of my own imported leather couch in an attempt to gather enough energy and stamina to go put on my new Oregon license plate, and then drag myself to Southeast for a Yoga class. I mean…I am already outfitted in my LuluLemon wunderunders and a Juicy hoodie so really all I have to do is walk outside to my car…and start it.

Smothered Southern Sunny Sides with Fried Chicken at Irving Street Kitchen

Nonchalance is comforting in some ways; it’s a safety mechanism that can negate disappointments or the emotional materialisation of lingering fears. However, like going out for 31 nights in a row, it gets stale since it also translates to a drastic dip in motivation, achievement of results, and social skills. Plus, what happens when you start to feel not so nonchalant about your nonchalance?

Bibb lettuce salad, Rogue blue cheese, Pink Lady apple, radishes, candied pecan (at Irving Street Kitchen)

Being non-nonchalant is exhausting (or maybe I’m only thinking that since I still haven’t made up for my missing Vitamin D reserves). It also means being excited and stressed out and having a hard time falling asleep because thoughts that evoke the aforementioned emotional states keep on recycling through like an LC student’s mason jar.

Eggs florentine with oven roasted potatoes at Mother's Bistro & Bar

Cool, now since I still have two more brunch pictures, I’m just going to go ahead and make a list of some of the unconventional day-to-day circumstances which stress me out:

1) Parking issues: Can be anything from having to park in the sketchy lot near work (which sometimes happens when the production crew of Grimm take over my usual parking lot), having to park in a parking garage alone (I have a fear of PGs), having to interrupt a happy hour/brunch conversation to refill my metre (which may ruin the vibe of the conversation by the time I return), and parallel parking while there are cars behind me

2) Not being prepared…for any and every situation. For instance, I carry several bags to work with me: one typically contains stuff like yoghurt/ginger tea/Emergen-C/vegetables so I am not tempted to go to town on our office staples (namely lots of nuts and chocolate covered pretzels). The other is usually my purse- if it’s not raining it’s my Alexander Wang satchel, otherwise it’s Jimmy, Louis, Marc, Miuccia…or if I’m feeling businessy my Burberry tote; and of course the purse has all the conventional people essentials (wallet/blackberry/Chanel stylo waterproof/keys/listerines/lipstick/qtips). Then the third is the everything else bag- namely extra garments/shoes/lotions/etc. I always like to keep my Kate Spade black satin heels on hand in case I have a sporadic platonic date and I always like to have my running shoes in the car in case a motivation to work it at the gym arises.You never know what’s going to come up! Life is unpredictable even on the most mundane of days!

3) Not having access to coffee. As much as I love my friends, they will all attest to you that I will never “crash” at their place…that is, unless they have a competent coffee maker and a bathtub to donate to me for 45 minutes in the morning (which shouldn’t be a big deal since I wake up several hours prior to the rest of the universe anyways).

4) Having to talk on the phone with someone I know. Please just text/bbm/skype-type…I have a fear of dropped calls plus it is just so incredibly awkward pretending to hear and understand what you’re saying through the poor reception.

5)  Eating: Having plans for two meals within close proximity of each other (which usually means I won’t be as hungry/able to enjoy the other one), the possibility of running into someone attractive when having had Lebanese garlic sauce in the past 48 hours, being out of meat and without time to get to a grocery store, spending $50 on a dreadfully subpar meal (that’s the equivalent of 20 meals from Bombay Chaat House), and the lingering paranoia that ensues when you eat something full of parsley in front of someone attractive.

Grilled Portabella Mushroom Scramble with sauteed spinach, asiago cheese, toast, and oven roasted potatoes (at Mother's Bistro & Bar)

On another scattered note, my lunch today was a whole-seeded New Seasons roll stuffed with avocado, chicken breast, mushrooms, mama’s lil peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, butter lettuce, roasted red peppers, and caramelised onions– which I think has also been helpful at decreasing my levels of nonchalance. Sometimes I forget how important carbohydrates are…which leaves me with the final brunch photo before I peace out to hold a funeral for my California license plates-

Stuffed Frittata: Open-faced omelet with cheddar cheese, potatoes, green onions, and sour cream. (Also at Mother's Bistro & Bar)

Do you take any vitamins or supplements? Have any recommendations?

What are some of your unconventional stress inducers?

Do you do brunch?


One thought on “Notes on Nonchalance and Five Unconventional Stress Inducers

  1. HAHAHA Sara, seriously…you need to stop this sporadic blogging- your posts always make me crack up! I don’t think stressing about “the possibility of running into someone attractive when having had Lebanese garlic sauce in the past 48 hours” is unconventional at all- garlic is freakin’ lethal…I can only eat it when I am within my own home for the sake of everyone around me ha! I am so bad with vitamins/supplements but I take a monthly vitamin-b injection as I’m deficient…it works out well for me as one prick and then I don’t have to worry about it for another month Being too cold stresses me out regularly…even though Mumbai is so freakin’ hot, I never know whether to carry a shawl or if it’s pointless- they love to blast the air-cons indoors here!

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