Stuff I Think About While Doing Hot Power Yoga

After approximately one year of coercion, Anne has finally convinced me to cash in on my free week of yoga from Corepower; obviously in the hopes that I will fall downward dog en amour and start swapping my cuss-strewn 5PM commute for pigeon poses and $100 spandex

In an effort to combat my aforementioned nonchalance, I have been making an effort to “try new things” and perhaps sprinkle some chia seeds into my all-too-rigid routine. On Sunday night, Anne took me to “Naptime Yoga,” a peaceful seventy-five minutes of stretches, poses, and the promise of small plates at Navarre afterwards (which will be pictured at the end of the post).

I could really get into this– I thought; so of course Anne was able to convince me to take advantage of my new one week free by doing “H2” aka Heated Yoga after work on Monday.

Sure why not? Try everything once.

A few things worth noting: I despise feeling sweaty, hot, or being surrounded by hot sweaty people…unless it’s in a sauna, because I love saunas and my ancestors invented them; other than that I would much rather be slathering YSL lotion to cover up my goosebumps– so here it is; the aftermath of the thoughts that occurred to me between 5:30-6:45 PM during my first and perhaps not last hot power yoga session:

1) Hot Yoga sounds sexy in concept just not in practise…

2) Can you sweat perfume? Has someone invented sweat implants yet where you can customise the sweat scent? Imagine how much better of a world we would live in if you can sweat sweetly! Oh and Gilt City can even sell sweat implant vouchers and we’ll get complaints about receiving the wrong scents. But wait…would that screw up with our pheromones and thus reproduction and thus humanity? Would it be how birth control usage has been a potential variable in regard to an increase in divorce rates?

3) Is Hot Yoga an Orientalist attempt to imitate the weather conditions in India? If so, feels ridiculously accurate

4) I am so unfit.

5) I wonder how many calories I’ve burned…I wonder if I’ve burned off those chocolate covered nuts?

6) What should I eat for dinner? My organic New Seasons Meatloaf or fried eggs on crumpets? No, I’m doing yoga, I need to have something virtuous like a kale salad with tahini dressing…but that would mean needing to stop at the grocery store and there is no way my hair can be seen in public looking like this. There’s also greek yoghurt? Oh wait…that’s right those beezies at Safeway sold me expired yoghurt! Meatloaf with a spinach salad and my new Rogue Creamery Oregonzola cheese? Yes yes yes.

7) Wait seriously. Is everyone going to judge me if I just lie down or go into child’s pose. I seriously might pass out. No really, I’m dizzy and my thighs are shaking.

8) Isn’t sweating good for your pores?

9) Every single chick in here is wearing Lululemon! I am in a room of sweaty, gross people, and at least $10,000 worth of spandex

10) I bet this instructor eats at Prasad. And owns a juicer. And has a boyfriend named Mike or Scott who is at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the Lakers game

11) I should wear a pencil skirt tomorrow

12) That felt nice.Can I just do this lying down pigeon pose thing forever? Or at least until 6:45?

13) Wait…speaking of, WHY IS THERE NO CLOCK IN HERE?!

14) You know what; I don’t care how gross I look. This is liberating. Pain, anguish, discomfort, and suffering are merely a state of mind, right?

15) All these people are pronouncing Namaste wrong, but whatever NAMASTE HOMIES I’m going home and have a date with my ice cold bubble bath.


And as promised at the beginning of this post, a review on my Post-Naptime Yoga Sunday night supper at Navarre on NE 28th and Burnside:

Anne had been famished post yoga since whereas I was in the mood for something light since I had an epic New Seasons sandwich for lunch earlier in the day. Therefore, we decided small plates would be the best option. The menu at Navarre is composed of a variety of small and large plates meant to be shared amongst the table and you simply check the boxes on the list to indicate your order preferences and then submit it to your maitre d’. Of course, there were far too many unique and delicious sounding options so we ended up selecting several of the most tantalising options:

Potato Pancake topped with Creme Fraiche

Alright, so this was our least favourite…sort of tasted like a gentrified hashbrown

Crab Cakes with green tomato jam

For someone who is not all that into crab, these crab cakes were delicious- perfectly moist yet “cakey” in texture without having a tinge of fishiness. As for the jam, I am still undecided on my feelings- it was a tad acidic yet sort of bitter; a contrast to the cakes but still an acquired set of flavours to the palate

Collard Greens
Parsnip Salad with Parmesan and Pears

I REALLY enjoyed this salad- both the flavours and the crunchy texture! The sweetness of the Asian Pear meshed nicely with the subtlety of the parnsip and umami/saltiness of the parmesan; a winner in my book of unconventional salads

Chicken Stew with garlic

Succulent, slip-off-the-bone chicken braised with garlic. Enough said.

Foie Gras on Cumin Toast

This was so rich and luxurious that it made my Hermes foulard carré feel cheap. Anne and I agreed that this little piece of heaven on toast was our favourite of the plates; so incredibly soft, buttery, and generous that anymore than a half sliver of toast feels like an overindulgence

Almond Cake (Soaked in Rum and topped with chocolate ganache)

For our first dessert, we selected the almond cake- a dense block of almondy glory topped with a thick paste of ganache. Very intense; in fact I only needed one bite to solidify my fullness

Yoghurt Mousse with Poached Pears

Dessert #2: I adored this; it was light and fluffy and just my type of a nightcap. Plus it was made with yoghurt.

Navarre is somewhere I would most definitely come back to; it has a very bougie Portland vibe, especially given it’s neighbourhood and concept, but the flavours and textures are a well executed Southern Comfort/Northwest Seasonal fusion. Plus the staff is awesome and I want those little cumin foie gras toasts to be catered at my wedding.

Navarre on Urbanspoon

What’s your opinion on Foie Gras?
Do you do Hot Power Yoga/Bikram? Has your perception of it changed over time?

Any tips for someone new to Yoga?


11 thoughts on “Stuff I Think About While Doing Hot Power Yoga

  1. Gah NOT a fan of hot yoga at all..I once had the genius idea to try it out because you know, I thought it would be “oh so cleansing”…I never felt worse in my life! I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my blood pressure had dropped so low by the end of it…and as for my hair, let’s not even go there! Like you, I have great difficulty in zoning out during yoga, my mind likes to conjure up as many random thoughts in the session! The next time I do yoga, it will either be Bikram or Vinyasa to stretch out my muscles…in an air-conditioned room preferably :)! All those eats look ridiculously orgasmic :)!

    1. Ahhh I feel you about the hair! In fact, I sadly think that seeing my hair in such a frizz-aster of a state was even more painful than feeling like I was going to pass out from holding a side plank lunge thing in a 100 degree room. Ok, I kid, I kid…I mean it’s not like everyone else’s hair looked salon-sleek. I also have a hard time with zoning out…overactive mind, what can I say

  2. Bikram is quite controversial, there’s a lot of doctors who strictly advise against doing it. It puts a lot of pressure on the heart and the organs and people tend to overstretch and injure themselves because muscles are more flexible due to the heat. I also didn’t like how Bikram tried to get a patent on his series so that no one else could use it. I mean, hey – how can you get a patent on something that’s 5000 years old?

    1. Wow I had no idea about all the controversy surrounding Bikram, but it definitely makes sense! Makes me feel like slighly less of a weakling 🙂

  3. Ha! Love this. Especially #9. 🙂 Was it Bikram or Power Vinyasa? Because I actually think Power Vinyasa is pretty sexy. Bikram is not.

    1. Hmmm…to be honest I’m not entirely sure what it was, it was just very hot and not your usual calm yoga, but full of strenuous poses/lunges/etc…deinitely a workout!

  4. I love this post! I literally lol-ed!! Whenevr I’ve taken a class in the past, I ALWAYS find myself getting sidetracked in my thoughts (especially number 10) haha. But, I do love vinyasa.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Yes, I’ve been trying for YEARS to reach that no-thoughts/tranquil mental state and sadly I am beginning to doubt it’s even possible

  5. I’ve wanted to try Bikram/heated yoga for so long now – I guess it’s not as glamorous as it sounds! And your inner dialogue during yoga sounds a lot like mine, totally guilty of planning out dinner and lingering in child’s pose a little longer than everyone else. 🙂

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