And they gave us some sugar

Last night I was planning on taking it easy and being a competent adult

I went to work in the am and had a relatively spectacular Monday. It all started with my marvelous decision to wear my new Red SFW (that’s not a brand just the abbrev for ‘suitable for work’) wrap dress with my Camille Skovgaard pointed toe pumps. That sauteed with the best batch of the month’s pheromones is what led to an unusually mature and pleasant demeanor to start the week off with.

Two other sprinkles of sugar which sweetened up the characteristically drab and stormy morning? A respectful compliment from a streetsweeper and then a very very very much anticipated delivery to my desk:

I had admittedly been very concerned about whether this investment piece would fit correctly. During my break I tried it on, and while it’s a bit on the loose side, it still fits and looks tres Jackie Onassis…plus these types of skirts are not meant to be glued to your derriere.

Apres le travail, I very responsibly forewent happy hour requests in lieu of the gym followed by what I had assumed would be some solo cooking at home. As soon as I got home and washed up and started dicing some onions, I heard an incoming BBM and sure enough it was Naz informing me that her class had been cancelled and she was looking or some sugar…

…so naturally, I put on a pair of flattering jeans and went to her house.

We shopped on Gilt for an hour or two to ensure some sparkle in my workdays over the next couple of weeks by way of more packages arrivals.

Then I remembered I was hungry so we went to pick up Merica (Yurop’s sister) and headed to Papa Haydn for some indulgence

Hanger steak Salad with chicory, bitter greens, cara cara & blood orange, hazelnuts, and passion fruit dressing

The steak was delightful- I just really needed some meat and greens since I got lazy with lunch and did the whole yoghurt/chocolate-covered pretzels and nuts thing again

Spinach Salad with blue cheese buttermilk dressing for Merica
French Onion Soup for Nazneen
Chicken liver pate with aubergine marmalade for the girls...
Sauteed mushrooms with a glass of Macallan for Yurop


Then it was time for the sugar, and we needed some real sugar of course after witnessing a couple who was oh-so-publicly foregoing dessert as their sucre fix in lieu of each other:

What’s funny about this picture is I just wanted to capture how sceptical Yurop was towards his fungi supper and instead I got a golden background snog. It was especially awkward when the lady left for the powder room; I was quite certain that her companion was going to reprimand me.

This by the way is the dessert menu at Papa Haydn’s…

English toffee cheesecake

Merica’s choice for the table was this ridiculously rich and pleasure-inducing slab of cheesecake…she was debating between this and the lemon chiffon cake, but I heavily influenced the final decision

Salted caramel chocolate ganache tart x2

We initially just got one of this, but Yurop upon tasting it insisted we order another. Too incredible to even describe so I won’t bother. We also ordered four scoops of salted caramel gelato and it’s actually alarming how much of the desserts we all ended up finishing…I guess it’s safe to assume that if I tried on that Chanel skirt today it may fit just right.

And now I have a sugar hangover. Everything in moderation, right? Which you have to admit is difficult when it’s all laid out in front of you.

How frequently do you go out for dessert?

What’s your preferred form of sucre? 

What is one of your most treasured accessories/garments?


8 thoughts on “And they gave us some sugar

    1. Wanna trade? I’d take the sore throat to stop eating sugary products…haha just kiddddding. Have some hot tea with honey…or something rather…and stop screaming so loud at Benny Benassi raves!

      1. I’ve been nonstop sipping on Chamomile blends for the past 4 days! Best sore throat “treatment”(?) ever. But now I am feeling much better. I guess it’s back to screaming like a teenage girl at FEDDE LE GRAND sets!!

  1. After reading all the depressing news from the Seattle times this morning, I turned on to my beloved iPad and was delighted to see Papa Hyden’s effect on the Channel skirt!!! It only makes me think, how I would give up my whole waredrobe for a slice of their wicked sugar…. BRAVO Girl, your magic in expressing yourself worked on me as usual!!!! I look forward to reading more of your expressive bright blogs that puts a smile on my face!!!!! R&R’s mom…

  2. Firstly I LOVE that skirt- so fierce :)! And hey, more derriere space = more dessert space…never a bad thing! Secondly, you’re post title has gotten that Outkast song stuck in my head now: “Gimme some sugar…I ammm your neighbor!” All that dessert is just ridiculous..or maybe I am just ridiculously envious- salt+dessert= perfect combo! When you’re next in Mumbai (notice I said ‘when’ rather than ‘if”), I know just the place to take you: my best friend just opened up a dessert bar with ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ options: fro yo (+ naughty/nice toppings), smoothies for the health-conscious and softie ice cream, milkshakes (think Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, Toblerone to name a few) and desserts (choc fondant, muffins, brownies, cookies)…and that is where I shall be spending the rest of my nights in 🙂

  3. 1.Love the skirt.
    2. How can you go wrong with chocolate ganache? My obsession is getting a little concerning however.

    I’ve been going out for dessert a littttttle too much. It starts out pretty innocently with frozen yogurt and then next thing I know there’s mochi, or belgian waffles or fruit tarts. But I would rather have a sugar overload rather than the savory type.

    And though I don’t like cheese that much, that french onion soup looks really good!

  4. The salted chocolate caramel ganache tart looks delightful! And that skirt is lovely. 🙂 Dresses are probably my favorite garment, but I love shoes, too. And dessert? Any day, all day!

    P.S. How did you redo your site? Did you do it by yourself? It looks AMAZING.

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