Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me for using a hashtag as a blog post title. And yes, as this clearly demonstrates I am admittedly a hashtag abuser thanks to my unashamed Twitter addiction (which began as a way to occupy myself on my Blackberry to avoid awkward weather banter in the lift or having to make a cocktail decision while waiting for one of my platonic dates to surface).

Now that we have got that sorted, let’s get to the content…

…universally speaking, Tuesdays have a tendency to be anticlimactic; they come right after the burden that is Monday and the beginning of the weekend-anticipatory period which begins on Wednesday.

Tuesdays for me however are always a classy affair; a way to add some revitalisation and social spark to my week. They’re usually spent with my favourite ladies, they always involve something delightful to the palate, and I usually just happen to be accessorised with freshwater pearls and a fur shrug (since it is still practically winter in Portland).

Some examples of recent Tuesdays:

Sapphire and I at the end of a night spent between Teardrop and Oven & Shaker at a dear friend of mine’s new  impeccably furnished bachelor pad smack dab in the Pearl District; check out the fireplace in the lower left corner

Cocktails at Clyde Common with Madison- a much needed night of dishing, catching up, and literally being in full view of every paedestrian to cross this block of SW Stark between 7:30-9:00 PM

As for tonight? A highly anticipated introduction for Anne to my very favourite establishment for meat in all of Oregon, Laurelhurst Market

I arrived straight from work; Anne from C3 Yoga (that’s a session that is more intense than that hot power yoga I went to that STILL has my heart palpitating). The menu has changed slightly since my last visit in January, which is always an exciting prospect to expect at my favourite locavore establishments in Portland

Of course, as usual, Anne and I decided to order an indulgement-fest and split it down the middle as to savour as much as our hunger capacities could take which translated to: Two appetisers, one entree, one side, and dessert.

Foie Gras Torchon: Salt-cured with savory brioche bread pudding, hazelnut butter, pear butter, saba

This is one of the best dishes I have ever had in Portland, if not my life; and it takes a lot of panache for me to be able to say something like that. In fact, this was so incredibly glorious that it has inspired me to start concocting a “Best Dishes in Portland” list…and so far, this is up at the top.

The disc of foie gras is succulent, smooth, and buttery enough to make you believe that your taste buds were auctioned to you by Hubert Keller. Then there is the bread pudding to texturally compliment that velvet fattiness of the gras and the sweet slightly coarse drizzles of hazelnut and pear butters.

What is so flexible about this dish is that it not only can be an appetiser, but also dessert (and a spectacular one at that), and dare I say…breakfast? It is sensical however as my breakfasts for the entire month of January consisted of Laurelhurst Market foie gras (gifted by one of my thoughtful coworkers) on levain with preserves.

Daily Appetiser Special: Rib-eye bites with truffle shavings over a thin truffle-oiled omelette

Yes, this was delicious and a proper way to begin the fulfillment of our protein cravings, however dare I say that anything to follow the torchon will come across as anticlimactic. But there was steak. And truffles. And eggs. And impeccable quality fleur de sel, so a delight nevertheless

Pan Seared Bavette Steak with Ancho-Chili Romenesco and Braised Winter Greens

Can you believe this dish is a mere $20?! This was the first time I veered away from the Piedmontese flat iron steak in lieu for the slightly more marbled and thicker cut bavette. I found the steak delectable, perfectly cooked at medium and sprinkled with fleur de sel and a generous bed of ancho-chili romenesco. Anne wasn’t crazy about the greens…so I ate them.

Mac N Cheese with Tim's Potato Chip Crust

No meal at Laurelhurst is complete without a ramekin of the $6 mac au fromage. I’ve already described in prior posts about how luscious this little pot of overly generous comfort is- smooth, cheesy, and sprinkled with some crisp and crunch. This may or may not also be on my upcoming list of Portland’s best dishes.

And, of course…there was dessert:

Chocolate Chestnut crepe with blood orange marmalade and whipped mascarpone

Anything that comes hot in a mini cast-iron skillet tends to win my favour and this was no exception; think a gentrified miniature nutella crepe.

(I am well aware that I need a new gel manicure asap)

Very reasonable, n’est-ce-pas? I did have to forego ordering a pair of Rag & Bone sunglasses on Gilt today in an effort to stick to my new self-imposed budget; but anyways those sunnies would have cost more than the $37.50 (plus tip) so in a skewed way I sort of saved money while simultaneously staying nourished and having something to lift me out of  the rather deflated state I had fallen into over the last few days.

Plus, Anne is just always an absolute delight to share the company of. I mean, this post has taken me nearly two hours to write just because I have been simultaneously facebook-chatting with Anne the most strategic way to word a message to one of her potential non-platonic dates.

Of course, the conversation is confidential, but I’ll give you a slight snippet just for laughs:

Anne: if I say grab coffee or something does it sound too vague? i mean should i give him the option to pick a place that also serves tea or light tapas?

Sara: LIGHT TAPAS! You keeeeel me. If a guy suggested light tapas as a nonplatonic date idea, I’d put a ring on it…or let him put a ring on me. Or maybe pay for the mini causas and ceviches we split

Anne: well very petit tapas. you know where the focus probs should be the beverage and the tapas is just to fufill the oregon liquor law requirement of food. awww yeah thatd be cute!


That is all. Happy Tuesday.

What would you want your last meal to be?

What’s your favourite weekday (Friday does not count)?

What is your Tuesday night agenda?


8 thoughts on “#Tuesdaysarethenewfridays

  1. Haha you make me laugh- if I come to Oregon, I have to attend one of your meals out with Anne…if only to crack up at the conversation :)! Speaking of hashtag blog titles Have I told you that your tweets regularly put a smile on my face, specifically one about being the only girl in Oregon on the Loubis waiting list- I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you, my friend! All these eats look so good…does it make me a bad Hindu to say that I would love to indulge in some beef right about now (despite having not touched the stuff for years)! Thursdays are my favorite weeknight fo shiz- I almost always have dinner or drinks planned after work and if I don’t all’s not failed: wake up and it’s Friday! This week, Wednesday seems to be shaping up quite nicely thanks to happy hour apres work :-)!

    1. Oh and there are MANY MORE priceless conversations. Just an example: “Does my perfume smell kind of old lady-ish? I love it but fear it may interfere with my puma-prowling.” Puma-prowling fyi is a term Anne invented for young cougars (aka people our age) who tend to go after slightly younger boys (typically those aged over 19, but below 22). And I DO love thursdays- in fact I am yet to have a Friday where I come to work looking and feeling coherent!

  2. Thursday! Haha. But Fridays will always be the new Friday to me. I’m going to a fashion show this Friday! And another Saturday! Love my life. 🙂 No, I don’t sleep. 😛

    Your photos look lovely, as usual! Everything you do always looks super classy and cosmo. I keep thinking you live in NYC and pretty much are Carrie Bradshaw.

    And um yes, Twitter has definitely developed a hashtag addict in me ><

    1. A fashion show? How glamorous of you- and I love your life, but seriously! Haha and I am flattered by the Carrie Bradshaw comparison, but really I am just a homely little loubi-lover living in Portland, Oregon 😉

  3. Laurelhurst is one of my favorite Portland restaurants. And I agree-it’s the best place for meat. Their burgers are amazing. The last time I was there I got a seasonal dish which was fresh veggies and pork tenderloin. It was absolutely amazing.

    1. I am yet to try the burger at Laurelhurst! But it does sound scrumptious indeed! Have you tried the one at Little Bird/Le Pigeon or the Gruner burger? Those two have to be my favourites in PDX insofar. Thanks for stopping by, always great to find another PDX blogger!

  4. I totally think you belong in NYC…and yes, you remind me of Carrie Bradshaw too!

    Everything looks really delicious. You have a knack for finding some fabulous restaurants my friend. If I get to Portland I will be asking you for suggestions for sure!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much, I am more than flattered, Ameena! And please do come to Portland, you may enjoy it–and there is NO SALES TAX. None. And eating out at the nicest restaurants is price-wise like eating at a subpar one in CA.

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