Mi Mero Mole: Taco Fest

Anne and Madison have finally met.


And this was after six months of me telling each of them how much they would get along. Of course, David was there as well; and myself.

It was on a dreary Saturday evening over gentrified tacos at Mi Mero Mole, Nick Zukin’s (of Kenny & Zuke’s) new SE Division eatery specialising in Guisados- stews traditional to Mexico City

What happens at Mi Mero Mole is you walk up to the counter, select which Guisado you would like and then choose if you want it on a homemade taco, in a burrito, quesadilla or on a plate accompanied by rice & beans. You then take your number, go kick it at a table and then have a taco tasting fest with the only friends you have with pronounceable first and last names.

As is the norm with most Portland establishments, there is also beverages menu featuring a generous variety of tequila and mezcal and several unique cocktails (including one with Maggi seasoning). However, as it was only 5:45 in the afternoon, I was only in the mood for a glass of water (though I do admit that Anne’s Horchata tasted like sweet reckless dessert).

Anne’s choice of guisados: Duck hearts and the other filled with some sort of a tangy chicken

David of course chose everything else unconventional: beef hearts, some sort of a meatball, some creamy one, and the shrimp one (which i suppose is a tad more conventional).

I would look up the exact guisados that these were, however Mi Mero Mole changes them on a daily basis, which makes it all the more exciting to have a different tasting experience on each visit

Madison decided to go all vegetarian probably to balance out all the meat fests we have had on our recent dates: Mushrooms in a red chile sauce and asparagus stir-fried with garbanzo, onions, tomato, and chipotle

I ordered the chicken and the shrimp ones since I felt like being conventional and foregoing the innards and mouth bits of animals–I think my camera ate my photo though.

The guisados here are delightful however; very comforting, satiating, and flavour-abundant  thanks to the spices and tenderness of the meats- without a doubt the best Mexican I have had so far in PDX

Self-explanatory…and phenomenal guac

Plantains with a sweet cinnamony cream sauce; if this is not a dessert item, it should be

Mi Mero Mole is a rather casual establishment; and the kind of place you stop by, have your tacos and a Tecate then move on to the next place

However, with this epic introduction of Anne to Madison, we may have lingered an hour or two too long. Anne of course had to share with Madison some very good and very NSFW stories from our senior year of college while Madison had some lovely antidotes concerning   a certain ‘not-down-to-be-platonic’ classmate who came to class with a black eye; and since I played a role of some sort in all stories involved I just laughed along whilst fiddling with my (now-eradicated) split ends while David made facetious comments.

Mi Mero Mole on Urbanspoon

Ahh such a wholesome and fabulous time it was; if there is one sort of social gathering I adore, it is introducing good friends to one another. I mean, when not in the presence of one (or ten) I tend to talk incessantly about them to the others, so it’s kind of like everyone knows each other already.

Do you ever mix your friend groups?

Where is the best Mexican food you have ever had?

How early is too early for a cocktail? 


3 thoughts on “Mi Mero Mole: Taco Fest

  1. I have yet to try exemplary vegan mexican food, surprisingly. Your friend madison’s sounds delicious! (but then again I am partial to anything garbanzos/chickpeas).

    I’m always dubious about mixing friend groups, I always get worry they won’t like each other. I feel like that mom that pushes you to hang out with her best friend’s kid just because!

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