Sunday Funday

What is a typical Sunday for you?

For me, I may take a prolonged bubble bath, lunch with Yurop at Dang’s, then go to the carwash and stock up on yoghurt for the week.

Easter Sunday this year around was different

Portland was graced with the rarity that is sunshine and I woke up to a group chat between Caitlin, Madison, and Sapphire about plans for a tea party in the park

At first, I was in a rather cloudy mood; you know the type where you want to cry in your walk-in closet amongst the floor-dwelling fur, chiffon, and silk while looking in the mirror for dramatic effect. But then that gets a tad boring and a tad greater depressing so you decide to put on some flowery 2008-era Urban Outfitters floral frock and respond to the group chat using “prolonged bubble bath” as the excuse for the delayed response.

Wipe off the mascara, spritz a little J’adore Dior as if it’s summer and drive over to your friend slash boss’ bachelorette pad on NE Alberta; do an impeccable one-time-try parallel parking job in front of her crib and frolic on the sidewalk until a park is decided upon

Then, since this is NE Alberta after all, head down to the local co-op grocery store and pick up some tea party fix-ins; you know whatever bougie delight happens to call your name which for us ended up being some Willamette Valley French Prairie Fromage, Rosemary Crackers, Mango Habanero Guac, and Garden of Eatin’ tortilla crisps:



Then, head over to a park and find a spot to set up:


There were also some dried cranberries…and salsa.


In case you were wondering; this was a tea party without the tea…or as Madison and I liked branding it: A Tea Party ;)… the “Tea Party” bit simply is alluding to the fact that Madison needed to put her grandmother’s gorgeous fine china to precious use

And that’s cranberries getting soaked in ‘not tea’


There was also an egg cracking competition since it was Easter and Caitlin had a dozen eggs to hard boil and paint with blueberry juice. I won second place…but that’s probably because our friend Pete accidentally ate his egg before the game was finished.

Around 4PM it started to get a tad chilly…despite the heat provided by the not-tea, so Madison donated her prized rabbit fur shawl for me to print-clash with for what would become the remainder of the day


This was some hilarious moment. Probably when I invented the abbreviation “Go and Ho,”…which translates to “Go Out and Hang Out”

I was probably alluding to the protocol of platonic dates.


I bet you wish you were having a not-tea party with her…

…I mean just look at all that matching turquoise

After a few more rounds of tea, we were all ready to go home and turn in early for Sunday night; but really what ended up happening was Madison napping on Caitlin’s bed while Caitlin and I had some v. deep conversations on the sofa in the dark

Fast-forward several hours and surprise surprise, it’s time for a late supper


I think this place was called New Thai Blues over on Alberta. The staff was very very very courteous considering our not-tea-party/post-NTP nap sesh mannerism deficiencies. Image Madison wasn’t hungry but she got basil fried rice. And please ensure that you are pronouncing basil in such a way that it DOES NOT rhyme with hazel.


I got chicken pad phet and it was delicious. Being the famished munchkin I am, I polished this off completely; Caitlin got some green curry but my camera memory card was filled at that point so just go google a picture of green curry and I’m sure you’ll get an accurate depiction of what it looked like

At this point, it was perhaps 10PM; we drove back the three blocks to Caitlin’s crib and then Madison and I drove home and talked about the #loveatfirstsight I had just experienced with someone who happened to walk by Caitlin’s door at that very moment…and then proceed to enter the building next door. And by love at first sight, I mean we made eye contact three times in a matter of twenty-nine seconds and he smiled at me despite the fact that I was pheromonally deficient, had sunburnt cheeks, and was wearing severely clashing prints.

Then, I got home and went to bed. After having a cup of yoghurt. #SundayFunday? I think so.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Sounds like the perfect Sunday…bubbly in tea cups is so classy ;)! No wonder the Queen always look so content with her cuppa “tea” ;)! Portland really does seem like the next NYC…life there seems so buzzin! Get ready to cringe but our cook refers to ‘basil’ as ‘bay-zil’…hopefully it doesn’t rub off on me! I know I’m approaching borderline TMI but I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys some yogurt right before bed…it helps me in the bathroom department the next morning if yuo catch my drift ;)!

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