For Zazu, Love Timi

These past several weeks, all obligations and most social engagements have been postponed to “after May 8th” since every morsel of my spare time was to be spent in the company of my biffle (what Naz calls a best friend), Nazneen before her college graduation and inevitable return to Bombay City

To keep it short and concise, we have had way too much fun these past few weeks. Sleepovers in our matching python print dresses, dishing over foie gras parfaits, dancing till our kajal was at our cheeks, lingering for hours in the car with instruction manuals to help one another conquer our irrational fears, and popping bottles of Moet as if LVMH sponsors our lives is just a sample of the activities we have mutually partaken in as of late

This is cheesy, I know, but more in the fourme d’ambert sense than Kraft pre-sliced. But indeed we have laughed, snuggled (even though neither of us are the touchy-feely sort), lunched, hugged, and kissed…then finally cried- twice, outside a club at 3am on a weekday then again late last night in the lobby of The Nines hotel while being so rudely interrupted by a severely sunburnt and inebriated tourist. Ugh, can’t anyone have a private-in-a-semipublic place emotional moment anymore?

But whatever, who cares about tears reducing the attractiveness of your pheromones or becoming oblivious to mascara trackmarks outside the confines of your car/home/bathtub- I love this girl to death; she is not just my best friend, but a family member. A measly blogpost and any assortment of words cannot do any justice as to  how much this crazy lady means to me and how much she has positively impacted my life and been there for every single little morsel whether it be to lend me an emergency spritz of Parisienne and write me a fat reality check  or to insist on sleeping at my house in the midst of a traumatic situation.

With our third biffle, Yurop

And since this is still a food (esque) blog, here is one of our last lunches together; at no other than Suzette, a creperie and dessert cafe on SE Belmont and coincidentally sharing the same name as my favourite creperie in Bombay:

DIY Crepe: Buckwheat crepe stuffed with Gruyere, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, roasted garlic chickpea spread, and capers and topped with a fried egg

Absolutely delectable; the only difference between mine and Naz’s was that hers was a NON-BUCKWHEAT crepe (buckwheat and kale are not really up her driveway) and she added prosciutto. The crepes come hot, fresh, and STUFFED to the gills; in fact it’s more like stuffing with a side of crepe. And that garlic-chickpea spread makes it worth it to postpone any platonic (or more importantly NON platonic) dates you may have planned for the next 24-36 hours…

Dessert Crepe #1: Normandie filled with lemon butter, topped with cider-poached apples, cider caramel, and creme fraiche ice cream
Dessert Crepe #2: Chocolat filled with homemade nutella, topped with candied hazelnut, chocolate sauce, and cinnamon ice cream

Both dessert crepes were ridiculous; and completely demolished till not even the powdered sugar remained on the plate. The chocolat one was a dark bittersweet chocolate (which means I had most of it since Naz is not a fan of chocolat sans lait) while the lemon butter one was a tangier sweet though still a phenomenal choice to satiate a lingering sweet tooth

Suzette on Urbanspoon


While I am still fortunate to have a plethora of incredible friends here in Portland, I already miss her to pieces. What I have to remind myself however is that there is always time to be made to see those who I love and care for the most and I know I will be seeing her again soon- in Bombay or Doha or New York or London…it barely matters where as long as we’re close enough to scrape the garlic sauce off each other’s plates and share the same spritz of perfume

**Zazu & Timi are our respective nicknames for each other. Nazneen is Zazu for obvious name-related nature and the undeniably coolness that comes with being Simba’s bird friend whereas I am Timon (which has been shortened to Timi or Tims) since I possess many characteristics that may make some believe that I was a meerkat in a past life


2 thoughts on “For Zazu, Love Timi

  1. This post made me smile but also reminded me I’ll be leaving behind some very special people this year. Sounds like you guys made the most out of your time while you could, and as you said you’ll always find time to see the people you care about most.

    Oh and those crepes – you had me at buckwheat + roasted chickpea and garlic!

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