Wildfire and Cling Wrap

In a continuing tribute to all my lovely (and coincidentally foreign) friends who graduated in Nazneen’s class last week, let us begin this post with some music:

I for all the best reasons think quite highly of my friends, but it really is no exaggeration when I refer to them as celebrities/role models/inspirations/any other noun highlighting their positive impact on the world. They’re all little bigshots to say the least–one such being Daniel Caplen, a very gifted artist with a voice and a swagger that sweeps a good 99.8% of women off their feet:


Alright, now onto the next bit. This post is two weeks overdue; but nevertheless one I could not delay much longer

It was obviously a Tuesday night, since Tuesdays are my mandatory dishing and dining nights. Nazneen and I had plans for supper at Jade Teahouse & Patisserie, a patisserie (obviously) and Southeast Asian cafe in the quaint bikram-studio and tea house peppered neighbourhood of Sellwood.

At some point in the earlier bit of the day (probably over Twitter), I had the brilliant idea of asking the remainder of our “Awesome Foursome” aka Iman and Kemi to join. Kemi was all for it and Iman was as usual making excuses about having seventeen already overdue papers to work on…

…excuses. She showed up. In her sweatpants. But it’s Sellwood nonetheless Portland and we’re all foreign and ethnically ambiguous and have great accents (see a theme to this post) so whatever. Just so we have a visual to go by- here’s a snap…at graduation though, not the restaurant (obviously):

The graduates, from left: Iman, Nazneen, and Kemi…and I’m in the background laughing at Yurop’s distaste for quiche

As is typical for each time the four of us go out on one of our CRAZY adventures, we over-order…to the max. Plus Iman and Kemi have helped instill this new fabulous habit in Naz and I which is called, “order an extra meal (or five) for takeaway!”

Since this is partially a patisserie, we started with some goodies:

Sesame ball, some sort of a custard filled brioche and a sea salt chocolate cookie

 Iman LOVED the custard thing- like loved it; she probably went through about seven spoons to use to dig into it. I on the other hand couldn’t keep my hands off the cookie…which tends to be a theme in my life for anything containing high quality chocolate.  The sesame ball was mainly for Naz…but saccharine balls aren’t really my thing; I prefer them spicy or savoury

And now…the main courses…none of which could have fit on the table at the same time. To remind you, the amount of food you are about to see was for four of us. Yes four relatively slender girls; and let me iterate that we are NOT dainty in the least; personality or appetite (as illustrated below):

Spicy green papaya salad with prawns
Fried spring rolls filled with some sort of meat
Coconut Prawns!!!
Chicken satay with peanut sauce and some cracker thing that Iman and Kemi got v. excited about
Chicken with Garlic Sauce
Udon Soup x 2 (picture two of those)
Naz’s Soup…not sure what it was but it was amaaaaazin
Truffle Fries with Sweet and Sour Ketchup
Mango chicken with spring onions
Chicken wings? Who knows at this point…

This place is incredible; there’s even some sort of a curry burger on the menu that was screaming my name (next time, obviously). We did a decent job of polishing off most of the food–and by most I mean that Kemi still had enough leftovers to feed her until her family was to come three days later.

Though a casual eatery, we were there for a good 2-3 hours; still picking at peanut sauce-drenched frites (or custard brioche if you’re Iman) while laughing to the point of tears/heart palpitations/other physical reactions that normally symbolize intensive pain. We spoke to great extent about scenarios involving cling wrap, the alleged properties of yams (according to Ugandan grandmothers), we reminisced, and gave blatantly honest accounts of otherwise mundane life experiences. It was a hilarious time as it always is with these three; #toomuchfun was the theme of the night…

…that was until a couple who looked to have been having #toolittlefun intruded amidst another joke about clingwrap reprimanded us for laughing too loud–well at least that’s what we interpreted as since most people in their mid fifties discuss clingwrap in the context of preserving potato salad.

Jade Teahouse and Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Buzzkill. That was until we got back in the car and put on We Are Young and discussed how we each would be like as grandmothers. The mutual conclusion? Fun.

I miss these ladies. Laughing like that has to do something for your longevity.


4 thoughts on “Wildfire and Cling Wrap

    1. Oh Ameena you are anything but old; but yes sea salt anything is indeed amazing- especially to balance out sweetness in desserts

  1. I have a lot of random comments to this post so just gonna spit it out:
    a) I love Kemi’s hair…where is she from originally? I ask because I lived in Nigeria for 14 years and her name sounds Nigerian?
    b) That cookie looks & sounds like crack….sea salt & chocolate for the win
    c) I need to dine with you…we share similar appetite sizes…and I like to down Veuve Clicquot too 🙂
    d) Cling film is my ultimate nemesis- I actually detest it, probably because I always manage to tangle that shiz up…living in it would be a nightmare

    1. a) Kemi is Ugandan- and she does have fabulous hair and an even more fabulous personality (she’s a playwright/actress/future Academy Award winner)
      b) That cookie was…no words…
      c) So when are you coming to Portland? You can even come to Doha if you like since it’s closer and my parents live there (bytheway any chance you’ll be in Dubai in 2 weeks?)
      d) I just can’t do clingwrap

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