Anatomy of an Eastside Weekend

Friday, 5PM: Get off work, stop at Whole Foods Pearl District to stock up on frozen berries, kefir, and kale tahini salad; head home

5:58 PM: Shower and blowdry in 42 minutes flat- put on a pink/red/coral-hued dress…debate whether to wear flats (Vera Wang bejeweled peeptoes) or strappy pumps. Drive with the flats but bring the pumps along

7:00 PM: Pick up Yurop to drop off at the airport…decide to get dinner first- since I’m driving the choice is mine. Result: Bollywood Theater, a new chaat (Indian street food) eatery on NE Alberta

Yurop watching one of the Bollywood films playing in the background…though interestingly enough the music playing ranged from Gotye to 80s dance. Very Portland.
Pav Bhaji with a big ol spoonful of butter
Goan Shrimp Curry
Bhel Puri; cool, refreshing, and tangy
Channa Aloo Tikki
The star of the show: Chicken Kati Roll

Conclusion: Yurop’s new favourite restaurant in Portland…and quite possibly a contender on my top five. Even though this place was started by an American who spent some time in Bombay, the flavours and quality and authenticity is phenomenal and I don’t even have to worry about getting ill. Plus kati rolls are the ultimate drunchie…considering the NE Alberta/21st location I wouldn’t be surprised if this place started doing late night hours in the near future

Bollywood Theater on Urbanspoon

8:35 PM: Drop Yurop off at PDX, head back to Alberta area to meet up with Caitlin and Madison

9:00 PM: Sip on Cupcake and/or Gimlets and/or Stella, fix eyeliner 5-8 times

10:30 PM: Eventually more people come over…eventually we all go out…somehow get through the entire night reeking of Chanel (miniature clutch-friendly bottles of Coco Mademoiselle are the best thing to happen to humanity)

(unspecified time after 3AM): Get home having acquired somewhere between 8-12 new friends and a new bruise or two.

Saturday, 10:00 AM: Alarm. Coffee. Advil. Water. Bubble Bath. Probably wake up in a pink/red/coral dress. Put on a romper or some similarly unflattering outfit. Text 6-8 of my female friends while in the bathtub about brunch plans and abridged recaps of events that may have occurred between 10:30 PM- that unspecified time after 3AM

Noon: Acquire Madison, drive to Southeast for some good old Scandinavian brunch with Caitlin and Anne at Broder

Wait outside in the sun frantically sipping Stumptown and recounting hilarious events. Make comments on how each other person in our group looks SO MUCH MORE ALIVE; watch passerbys and make grossly detailed assumptions about their lives and the origin of their outfits

1:00 PM: Get to table. Hallelujah

Complimentary order of Abelskiver: Round Danish pancakes with lemon curd and preserves dipping sauce
Caitlin: Trout Hash with Walnut Toast
Me: Hamburgare a la Lindstrom- A Pearl Bakery brioche bun enclosed with smoked tomato aioli, Danish bleu cheese, caramelized onions, and a beef patty stuffed with capers and beets
This my friends is how you banish a headache.
Anne: Lefse- Norwegian crepes topped with fried eggs and stuffed with the stuffing du jour
Madison: Lefse as well…

Absolutely fantastic. And nostalgic since this may be the first summer of my life that I am not venturing back to the Father Land.

Broder on Urbanspoon

3:00 PM: Go home, take a nap (in unflattering romper or other outfit mind you), run the dishwasher, rejuvenate, decide to spend an obscene amount of time cleaning the dustballs inside my fan.

7:00 PM: Put on a silky summer dress and head back to Alberta…it’s probably someone’s birthday party and there’s probably the rest of my Cupcake (not the food) on Caitlin’s counter

12:45 AM: In the midst of the party, someone mentions they’re hungry, someone remembers that Pine State Biscuits is open for another fifteen minutes and voila, Caitlin, Madison, Sapphire and I are out of there faster than…(insert metaphor of choice).

12:56 AM: Gluttony at it’s finest…do excuse the grainy quality…as everyone knows among other things that no good pictures happen after 12:45 AM…

Sapphire (and probably Madison): The Reggie Deluxe- a biscuit stuffed with fried chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, gravy, and other gluttonous stuff.
Caitlin and Madison and probably Sapphire: Hashbrowns with gravy soaked biscuits
Me: Mc-something…basically a biscuit stuffed with the most phenomenal fried chicken of all time, deli mustard, pickles, and honey

Pine State Biscuits on Urbanspoon

1:32 AM: Get home and get in bed…it’s an early-ish night

Sunday: No brunch. THANKFULLY.

12 Noon: Head to Costco with Anne; stock up on Advil, razors, Clicquot, kale, and spinach…then proceed to have a $3 lunch for two (yes…that is the combined total):

Midway through eating was when I decided to take a picture. Can I hashtag this as trailer?

3 PM: Head to David’s house. It’s his birthday party and I’m one of the hostesses; proceed to help Kat makes cake balls, crush bread for breadcrumbs and wash leeks; did I mention this is a classy adult party?

David, the expert board assembler’s work: Venison dried cherry terrine, chorizo, smoked Coho salmon, three cheeses from Steve’s Cheese Bar
The buffet
And the more than elated and extremely kosher birthday boy with Filbert, the pride of the party

6:00 PM: Peeps start showing up.

8:35 PM: By this point my friends from college and my friends from work have formed deep bonds, exchanged numbers and made plans for future brunches/concerts/wedding invitation invites.

1:36 AM: Roasted root vegetable munchies ensue and it is then realised that everyone living in the house is no longer awake. It’s time to go home.

1:57 AM: Tweet something about nipslips, have a tall glass of water and remember to remove my mascara

Monday, 10:00 AM: Wake up, Skype parents, do laundry, text the crew for life updates

12:00: While in the bathtub agree to Memorial Day brunch plans at Tasty N Sons at 1:30 PM

1:26 PM: Roll like a G to Snoop Dogg through Nopo (North Portland), park next to a pimped out Cadillac, put my name down at Tasty N Sons, proceed to tweet to look preoccupied

1:55 PM: Anne shows up and we get seated at the barstools and thankfully we already know exactly what to order

Spring Vegetable Frittata: Feta, Asparagus, Winter Peas, Caramelized Onions and a Fried Ball of Feta
Moroccan Chicken Hash with harissa cream and over easy egg

Phenomenal as always. 

2:45 PM: Head home, take a nap

5:11 PM: Wake up from nap/anxiety nightmare about losing boarding pass at the Chanel counter at Duty Free, think it’s morning…then realise it’s…not.

6:00 PM: Cook myself dinner…caramelized onions with asparagus, ground beef, spices, tomato sauce and eat with corn wheat tortillas/avocado/pico de gallo/greek yoghurt/mexican cheese. How I am still hungry, je ne sais pas.

7:08 PM: Attempt to find clothes in my closet that can be classified as conservative and simultaneously worn in 110 degree weather. Fail immensely and head back to bed.

8:00 PM: Turn on TV for the first time in months to make up for any Monday night FOMO…end up watching the Bachelorette while simultaneously blogging and simultaneously having all the dessert items in my house in a plate (greek yoghurt with midnight moo chocolate sauce, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, a crumbled graham cracker and frozen strawberries)…I swear that’s the last time I’m eating this weekend.

9:35 PM: Good night, time for a new week…now that I’ve played hard…time to work hard

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?

Do you tend to hang out with the same people weekend to weekend?

What do you wear to brunch?


3 thoughts on “Anatomy of an Eastside Weekend

  1. oh my god the food in this post… haha! you actually go to the best restaurants. Im studying abroad in australia and forgot it’s memorial day weekend (whooops….). I definitely have a group I prefer to hang out with on the weekends at home but switching it up sometimes is fun

    1. Yeah normally the only holidays I get off from work are Christmas and Thanksgiving so it was super exciting to get Memorial Day off and have a three day weekend! And Australia- damn please get back to blogging so I can hear about your experiences!

  2. Every time we come down to Portland to shop, we always mean to make a stop at Pine State Biscuits but never have the time. Now, I’m really craving it!

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