Dessert. Doha. Dubai.

Forget my prolonged hiatus.

Since the last post I did indeed get to Qatar, take a side trip to Dubai, stop in Germany to purchase a few magazines then return to Portland. And of course, we all know returning to Portland means work, vanity appointments, follow-up vanity appointments (yes, this is how long it has been), cocktails, small plates, barbecues, late nights in Chloe skirts with gargantuan bowls of Pho (ahem…Luc Lac), tastings, girl’s nights, sleepovers (as well as nap-overs), 3am sketchy parking lot tacos, car accidents, wrinkled dresses, torn Kate Spade pumps, visits from parents, and a whole lot of lipstick.

I have procrastinated on putting up a post due to the intense accumulation of content (meaning pictures of gentrified tacos and super bougie libations accompanying crispy poached eggs with Chinese mustard). Of course it would be quite the shame to ignore my mini vacation back home in the Gulf, but really people, I have not slept in ages and simply do not have the energy to go into my liberal-arts-education-induced analysis of Qatari society, so instead here are a few desserts

Because goodness knows I can use a whole lot of sugar after these past few days:

Sormani, The Pearl (Doha): The original Sormani is one of the chicest Italian establishments in Paris with a menu highlighting innovative uses of black truffle. Perhaps if I have a night in the near future plagued with insomnia I’ll post the pre-dessert portion of the meal.

Fantasie al Cioccolato (Chocolate Fantasy): Tiramisu, Chocolat Mousse, Frozen chocolate cake, Dulce de Leche gelato, Pear Sorbet Palate Cleanser

This may be one of the best desserts I have ever had, and it better have been considering it’s 100+ Riyal price point (that’s nearly $30). The selection of desserts (all chocolate, naturally) rotates on a nightly basis depending on the Chef’s preference du soir.

Something about me taking extensive pictures of the Chocolate Fantasy provoked our lovely maitre d’ to bring us a free tray of Petits Fours:

…and some truffles and biscotti

I am atrocious at resisting free extravagant treats…perhaps even moreso than the ones I pay for


Ritz Carlton, Doha Buffet: When my parents first moved to Qatar and had to struggle through the anguish of acquiring a residence, they lived at the Ritz for a good while and by a good while I mean that they had breakfast, lunch, and dinner there each and every single day. And my mother, bless her heart is the type of woman who will become instantaneous friends with just about everybody. Of course, coming to the Ritz for lunch meant hearing my mother’s inside jokes with the Nepalese chef about how his new prawn biryani recipe is going, constant visits to our table by every staff member from the concierge to the valet to the dude who insists on refilling my glass of Perrier with every sip. It also meant lots of incredible Mezze (that will be another post)…and dessert:

Miniature desserts

Umm Ali: An Egyptian bread pudding made with pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, and sweet condensed milk


La Petite Maison, DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre): La Petite Maison is Dubai’s prime “Ladies Who Lunch” spot equipped with a staff who very well may have been hired from a Burberry cologne advertisement. Plus the food is delightful; it’s original location is in Nice with another and Beirut so it only makes sense to have the third in Dubai. My mother and I met our favourite other mother-daughter pair, Mina and Sherin there for some small plates and dessert:

Mousse au Chocolat Chaud et Glace à l’Orge:
Warm Chocolate Mousse with Malt Ice Cream
Coulis de fruit rouge, Glace et Chouquettes:
Summer berries froth with yogurt ice cream and vanilla doughnut


There were other desserts of course; Arabic pastries starring pistachios and dates, Sheikh-worthy platters of watermelon, pineapple, and lychee and perhaps a mini cheesecake here or there. Of course, the real dessert however was being the first person in the UAE to hold Balenciaga’s new Rose Thulian hued Motorcycle Bag. In case you’re wondering, I did not buy it, in fact my sole sartorial purchase the entire trip was a v. elegant creme shift dress from Zara which is really only appropriate for a gallery opening in a country in which forgoing VPLs is considered socially acceptable (if you know what I’m sayin’). Oh, and I also bought a box of Galaxy Jewels at Duty Free which is still sitting in my kitchen cupboard…who wants it?

Now tell me something interesting.


7 thoughts on “Dessert. Doha. Dubai.

  1. Woah your blog is looking AWESOME- loving the new look :)! There’s actually an LPM in London too and I agree- it’s so yummy! Their mac & truffle is to die for and I hear they make the best creme brulee..not normally a fan but will be trying it out next time I go! And that bit about Galaxy Jewels made me laugh- Dubai airport seems to be the only place where I stock up on those!

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! And the travel sounds awesome – though I’m not *quite* as jealous anymore, since I got to do a little bit of traveling last week (not internationally, it was to LA, but it was loads of fun). Perhaps oddly, I tend not to enjoy ‘fancy’ desserts as much as a good slice of pecan pie with ice cream or an ice cream cookie sandwich, or just something delightful and, though not necessarily simple, not very frou-frou 😛

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