Fish Sauce

I had to expedite this post and further delay all the other ideas drafted during my lunch breaks over the past several weeks (think unusually fruitful brunches, camping trips, and the like). Why?

As too many know, I am a sucker for anything ‘exclusive’ or ‘first access’ whether it’s my Lanvin patent swarovski pumps or a soft opening for a PDX hot spot

It was going to be an anticlimactic Wednesday: Work, subpar salads, and perhaps a trip to Nordstrom to acquire some accessories for the geranium-hued Vera Wang number I plan to wear to my birthday party this weekend. However, at some point I received a text from David inviting Anne, Sapphire, and I to the opening of Fish Sauce, a new Vietnamese inspired restaurant/bar in NW (where David is of course slated to work at).

Renowned Portland bartender, Tommy Klus (of Kask- my absolute favourite PDX sip-spot) runs the bar (did I get this fact, right, David?) at Fish Sauce so of course I was more than a little excited for some libations and small plates

Happy Hour Food Menu
Happy Hour Beverages

Their Happy Hour runs from 4:30-6 PM and features a similar price point to my favourite Vietnamese spot in Portland, Luc Lac. The two are not worth comparing however as their atmospheres and purposes are unique from one another.

Fish Sauce is located on the corner of NW 17th and Flanders, a quiet nook in Northwest complete with well-shaded picnic tables and communal tables indoors with the small yet carefully stocked bar whereas Luc Lac is camouflaged away on  SW 2nd and Taylor in bustling downtown

As always happens when trying a new place (especially with Anne in my company), we ordered nearly everything on the menu:

Winged Migration: Famous Grouse Blended Whiskey, Mango, Lemon, Honey

I pre-ordered Anne this beverage; it was a delightful summer cocktail, sort of like a whiskey daiquiri

Elephant Parade: Pueblo Viejo Tequila Resposado, Lustau East India Sherry, Strawberry Vinegar, Lime, Cane Sugar

A tinge on the sweet side but nevertheless dangerously delicious, it was a Wednesday afternoon but had it been Friday at 11PM I would have been easily persuaded to forego the Clicquot for a constant flow of this.

Grilled Corn on the Cob with scallion oil and chili powder
Sapphire: Crispy Rolls with ground pork, shrimp, carrots, yams, mushrooms, and glass noodles
Canh Ga Chien: Vietnamese Wings marinated and served with tamarind and caramelised fish sauce
Korean Style Romaine: Grilled Romaine hearts with mild housemade Gochujang vinaigrette and fried tofu
Salad Rolls with peanut sauce
Beef Rolls: Grilled tenderloin wrapped with Walla Walla onions and carrots

We ordered two of these at the Happy Hour price of $3 each! I personally was a huge fan of the juicy marinated rolls stuffed with the slightly sweet onions

Ga Hainan (Hainese Chicken): Poached Draper Valley chicken served with soy ginger sauce
Yellow Curry with chicken, vegetables, etc

The curry was not off the Happy Hour menu but was nevertheless delightful; instead of rice we chose baguette as our carbohydrate dipper of choice.

Such a thoroughly satisfying meal; the menu also features several other tempting a la carte entrees and Banh-mi. This was their first day open, so there were as the usual some mild kinks in spacing out the order-deliveries, however I am assured that they will be worked out quite soon. The food is satisfying, flavourful, and incredibly affordable for the quality of ingredients used.

Plus, since David works there now I already predict that I will be here at least twice a week from here on out

Fish Sauce on Urbanspoon

Of course, we were naturally in the mood for dessert (and a walk) afterwards so just like every other person in Portland we walked ten blocks to Salt and Straw on NW 23rd

Anne, however was in no mood to queue outside amongst the other gentrified ice cream enthusiasts so her brilliant idea was to split a pint (Sapphire watched in case you’re wondering what happened to her). Also worth noting is that when you purchase a pint you do not have to wait in that queue…

Sea salt ganache/almond brittle

It was just so tantalising…and I do not know who we thought we were thinking we were not actually going to finish the entire thing; my plastic spoon even broke at some point from concentrating a little too hard on excavating for the coveted almond brittle bits

Plus, I will obnoxiously remind you that it’s my birthday week so I’m going to eat half a pint of full fat ice cream if I want because goodness knows it will be more than danced off over the course of the next few days

When was the last time you had ice cream? Fro yo and Slow & Churned does not count. 


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