Anatomy of a Birthday Week

I just turned twenty-three, also known as the most anticlimactic age besides 34 or 47; however it goes without saying that this has been the most “climactic” birthday of my life (besides my 9th…what can I say I like to go hard on the soft years)

Considering that this may have been the first year post age five that I was not stuck in a summer cottage in Finland with only moose and baby reindeer as potential friends, I decided to make a sort-of-big-deal out of the fateful August day commemorating my birth and instead celebrate for an entire week…or month…plus according to my friend, Scott: birthday festivities only end when I say they do.

I am of course also ignoring any chronological ordering in this post and would like to keep it light on the wording. Among the locations frequented (though not all featured)- only Portland’s best: Gruner, Kask, Teardrop, Fish Sauce, Departure, Rontoms, Simpatica Dining Hall, Oven and Shaker, Andina, Riffle, Clyde Common, and Laurelhurst Market

Anne, Tace, Sapphire, and I hit up Sephora before my night out where I got to have my make up done for the third time ever. This was quite a learning experience as I don’t know ish about make-up.
With Sapphire and Erica at Departure pre-Couture; and that my friends would be the geranium-coloured Vera Wang number I’ve been saving for the occasion
With one of my best friends, Yurop at Couture. By the way, this is the first photo indicating that I was forced to wear a tiara meant for an eight year old’s the entire weekend…I do have scars on my temples
First set of homies; another ten or fifteen showed up later on
My sister will slaughter me if I neglect to mention that that is her Gucci bag…
I would like to thank Scott for texting me this photo the next morning at 9:30 am…I am up there as is vaguely shadowed partying with the cast of a television show…sadly my face may or may not be blurred out of the episode since I have no recollection of signing any waivers


The Next Day…

I woke up with my glitter eyeliner still intact and the tiara tangled in my split ends. As would be natural instinct, I lingered in bed for a good while prior to meeting up with Anne and David for a subpar lunch in a subpar restaurant followed by several hours of NW frolicking/bumming around with frozen pineapple and rose in Anne and Erica’s respective apartments (essentially westside apartment hopping). Since it was a good 102 degrees outside, I also took an ice bath in Anne’s bathtub while she so dutifully created a Facebook album entailing some of the fore-featured photographs

After Anne spent a good twenty minutes applying glitter to my eyelids, we headed over to Fish Sauce to see our favourite bartender in the entire universe for some chicken and skills

Picture of David…
And a picture of us…

Following our meat and libations, we headed over to Rontoms on the east side of town where I got to see my dear friend, Jahnavi and befriend a crew of people dressed in golf attire. I also got away with pretending that it was my 30th birthday and that I was wearing a tiara because it also happened to be my bachelorette party…clearly I was confused between having cougar or ‘girl’s night’ motives


The next day (also the day of my actual birthday) began with birthday brunch at Simpatica Dining Hall; a joint celebration with my fellow birthday-sharer, Kelsey:

My favourite power couple, Kelsey & David
Teres major steak (from Laurelhurst Market) with baked eggs
Duck Confit Strata
Bay Shrimp Hash
Truffled Frittata
Curried Fried Chicken and Biscuits
Prawn and Pesto Frittata
Fried Chicken and Waffles with Green Tomato Syrup
With my two brothers (cheesy much)?

Simpatica Dining Hall on Urbanspoon


Post Birthday Brunch: Erica and I ran (well, actually drove) back to Anne’s apartment for me to re-iron my cheapy fabric polka dot frock (I unconventionally wore a Swedish kimono as I did so…by unconventional i mean i used the arms to make it strapless since it was about 110 degrees Fahrenheit). After that and some coconut water, we walked down to the Pearl District to continue the day’s festivities at Andina:

Pineapple Sangria

Since Andina is awesome, I also got free dessert since it was my birthday (in case you have forgotten…)

The sangria was sweet and refreshing and had delightful chunks of pineapple at the bottom of the pitcher which really would have been fabulous had I not still been stuffed from brunch.

We then frolicked down the street to Oven and Shaker and continued our very deep and personal discussion regarding our small/medium/large baggage (if you have watched the HBO show, Girls then you should get this reference). By around 5:30, Erica had to skidaddle home to clean her kitchen or something of the like while Anne and I headed over to Riffle

If you’re into the libations at Kask and Clyde Common, this should be on your hitlist

Anne and I made a friend at Riffle; it was a guy four days older than me who happened to overhear us discussing the contents of my refrigerator. He was a solo-traveler mixologist from southern California who may or may not have matched us in degree of bougie-ness…in fact it was my discussion of having “No food except for expired foie gras and reindeer coldcuts,” that caught his intrigue. How flattering. We ended up trying his marrow bones and crostini then inviting him to dinner with us at Clyde Common:

The delightful as always menu
Seared sea scallops with squid ink, romesco, and tesa

If this were to be the last small plate I would have pre-death, I would have no regrets (in terms of small plate choices obviously)

Grilled steak with heirloom tomatoes, burrata cheese, peasant bread and padron peppers

Also impeccable; Anne and I even let our new friend taste it and we could tell he regretted getting full off of all those marrow bones he enjoyed at Riffle. Besides great food, we did well at striking up some riveting conversation- mostly the usual topics of discussion: dealbreakers and principles. New friend’s biggest dealbreaker was a girl who refuses to take public transportation. Obviously we are not meant for each other…

JOKES! I totally would take public transport if I didn’t live in the suburbs and have a lot of spare outfits to carry around.

Overall, it was a pleasant weekend. Anne gave new friend her business card (naturally) and we parted ways and wished him luck in his future endeavors.

What did you do for your birthday this year?

Do you travel/eat out alone? 

If you had to choose a “Last Small Plate,” what would it be? 


2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Birthday Week

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m glad you had a fun birthday week 🙂 And you look great! I’m so super jealous of your amazing curves, you have such an hourglass with your teensy waist. I didn’t do anything for my birthday (which is pretty usual for me) since I was at school over my birthday. Actually, I had an orgo midterm… ew. If I had to choose a last small plate, it would definitely be a dessert – probably some kind of fresh brownie/cookie with ice cream on top and blueberries and caramel, hot fudge, and walnuts 😛

    1. Thanks; and yeah I agree dessert would be a good choice of small plate. I would probably choose a foie gras torchon since it tastes sort of like dessert but is still legitimate enough to be a savoury appetiser

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