I Can’t, I Have Hot Power Yoga

I have been slacking on this blog. A lot.

Anne thinks my slackery is the reason why I got rejected for a Press Pass to Feast Portland (aka the Bon Appetit sponsored humongous creme de la creme of all Food/Dining Celebration weekends). I however suspect that it’s because I am not yet famous enough. But whatever. I will probably still go if Anne does not have to jet off to NYC to make an international television appearance (this is an actual likelihood, by the way).

Why have I been slacking? Who knows. I have become very inadvertently adult like since turning twenty-three; I do stuff like go to the spa alone, sleep at reasonable hours, hang out at bourbon lounges/purchase libations directly from their respective distilleries, and watch the morning news while dicing cucumbers. I have not on the other hand danced on any plush sofas, woken up with tiaras tangled in my hair, lost half a pair of shoes, nor worn sunglasses in-office on Friday mornings. What can I say, maturity just happens, you cannot force it.

Oh…and then there is yoga. Anne and Erica coerced me into trying Corepower again for a month so despite my tirade from February about NEVER EVER DOING HOT POWER YOGA AGAIN…I have…three times in the past week in fact. It is still the most uncomfortable one hour ever since I despise sweating publicly and have naturally crazy hair and am not made of steel; but whatever- I feel fresh as a summer daisy afterwards and get to torch loads of foie gras calories and wear Lululemon which is ridiculously flattering to all your assets. And by wearing Lululemon, I mean rewashing the ONE pair of $100 yoga pants I own.

And then, there is the food. Part of the reason I have been procrastinating is because so many photos have accumulated that I can no longer bind them by one theme.

While we have been trying loads of new places and still partaking in the week’s juiciest meal (Sunday Brunch), we also have been frolicking at our favourite comfort spots

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In case you’re new to this blog/have not noticed, I tend to have several epicurean favourites (which luckily Anne tends to share):

1) Foie Gras

2) Grass-fed steak

3) Cheeseburgers (by far, my favourite type of gentrified generic food/sandwich format)

4) Cheesecake

5) Cocktails made with Scotch or Bourbon and with gingery accents (favourites include Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Glenlivet, Temperance (Bull Run Distillery), and Elijah Craig 12 Year)

6) Cocktails made with Black Strap Rum or Aquavit

I also eat vegetables. And fruits. And overpriced raw vegan salads from a Yoga Studio four blocks from my office, so it’s all balanced

What are your favourite types of cocktails?

What TV network are you most likely to end up on?


5 thoughts on “I Can’t, I Have Hot Power Yoga

  1. Look who’s back :)! I’m all for spending money on quality clothes but even I find Lulemon prices a bit OTT…$100 for YOGA PANTS?? YEESH…good thing they look cute! As usual your food looks orgasmic…and leave me with a major hankering for a piece of meat! Favorite cocktail is anything strong…haha I kid (kinda): preferably with not too much sugar/syrup. When I was in London I had the best cocktail of my life: espresso martini! I swear it was basically a liquid tiramisu…with fun after-effects!

  2. Yeah I can only really justify owning one pair if I start to spend at least 3 hours/week in yoga. They are though super comfortable…I admit I have been to quite a few dressy bars in them…oh well, the Speedy kind of makes it okay. Espresso martini? Mann I get a headache just thinking about that- the only sort of vodka I can do is Hangar One Kaffir Lime or Ciroc Coconut; almost everything else reminds me of the dark side of college

  3. My favorite cocktail is a vodka and redbull. Completely AWFUL for me, but it’s sooo good. I have it every now and then for special occasions 🙂

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