And This is Me on A Diet…Sort of

Alright guys, confession time, sort of. It’s okay you can virtually slap me in the face or hate read this, but I have been trying to watch my eating recently. I did accidentally see my current weight on a medical chart recently for the first time in nine months and let’s just say it began to make sense why that Zara skirt I bought in Dubai over summer still had the tag on (besides the fact that Portland is frozen).

This eating habit revamp is nothing extreme, mind you, just to actually start working out and stay the hell away from Pine State on Alberta anytime before 1am on a Friday/Saturday night. One very sad factor that has made this all the world easier is that my good friend and #1 dining out partner, Anne is out of town for two months.

So what’s my version of a slight slim-down exactly? Well, there are not any $8 celery juices , powders, or pills; but here is the gist of it:

  • Hot Power Yoga 3-4x/week: Yes, I am indeed now sacrificing a pretty penny for a CorePower membership; mostly because yoga tends to leave me feeling slightly less prone to harass my friends for advice on my various life situations and not having to worry about my hair frizzing from the 100 degree temperature in front of people I can potentially be attracted to…mostly because I put my mat in the corner and try not to look around for potentially attractive people (which is impossible at the gym…in my honest opinion)
  • Vitamin D…this is mostly for mood improvement purposes.
  • No more foie gras, pates, or other animal fat inclusive indulgences more than once a week: This is a LOT easier to do without Anne tempting me with the torchon at Little Bird
  • No more late night cheesecake: Yes I do have this poor habit of eating cheesecake with cinnamon before bed. There is only one slice left though so I think I’m in the clear as long as my ever so sweet visiting mother walks right past the cream cheese section next time she hits Zupan’s. Also the key part of this bullet point is ‘late night.’
  • Choosing Clicquot as the libation of choice…and limiting craft cocktails and scotch to no more than 1x/week: This also saves money that goes towards my yoga membership…mostly because 60% of the time the ‘Clicquot’ is actually cava or prosecco.

So all in all not an enormous change, I am still doing all of this on a daily basis:


Chicken Confit Hash with seasonal vegetables (Simpatica Dining Hall) Image

Steak, Cippolini onions, sauteed kale, fried egg (Simpatica Dining Hall)Image

Chocolate cake…Brook, Anne, and I split this (also Simpatica Dining Hall)


Favourite salad in PDX at the moment:

Kale chiffonade, spelt, julienne of kolrabi, carrots & radishes, grated asiago cheese, chives, thyme, lemon-cream dressing (at Gruner)

And of course, sushi dates with ever-so-fashionable and fresh to death sidekick, Kyle:


Mirakutei seems to be known for their array of Japanese tapas, but really the two of us were just in the mood for some sushi and sake and this East Burnside/Grand nook across the street from Ron Tom’s was indeed delicious. Also, props for not overdoing it on the rice; I do plan on coming back here however to sample the rest of the offerings at some point.

Mirakutei on Urbanspoon

SO REALLY what it comes down to is that the Sara version of a diet is more like a lifestyle change consisting of less foie gras, more kale, and a substantially higher percentage of the time spent wearing Lululemon.

What do you do for exercise?

What are some recent healthier lifestyle changes you have partaken in?


One thought on “And This is Me on A Diet…Sort of

  1. Hi Sara,

    My name is Joseph and I work for CorePower Yoga. Thank you for the shout-out! I’m glad that you’ve started practicing with us. And don’t mind the hair frizz; that’s how you know class was good! 😉

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