A Tuesday At Luce

Ever since Bon Appetit featured Luce as the #4 choice on their America’s Best New Restaurants Hot List, I had preemptively dreaded the amount of effort it would take to get a table at the intimate East Burnside shop cum restaurant.

Tantalising images of the succulent garlic rosemary steak and house-made pastas have been making repeat appearances over Instagram and Twitter since the article release further aggravating my already all too active case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

After last week’s post pertaining to my personal tips on how to dine at a PDX hotspot, Anne shot me a text asking if I had any particular ‘eating plans’ for the night. I responded that I did not and had planned on a mellow night of HBO and fried eggs but could very easily be persuaded to make eating plans since I liked my outfit and wanted more people than just my colleagues to witness it (Ksubi camo skinnies and a black Trouve tank if you’re wondering).

We decided to give Luce a shot; upon leaving the house around 8PM we decided that we were willing to wait up to forty minutes before ditching for nearby Plan B (Tabla).

And we got a table.


No wait. Perfect parking situation. Outfits we were both proud of (though quite contradictory to one another considering Anne is currently going through a very serious floral pants phase).

Anne. Too bad you can't see the floral pants; you're missing out.
Anne. Too bad you can’t see the floral pants; you’re missing out.
Salad with egg
Mixed greens with egg and shallots
Wild greens with vinaigrette
Wild greens with vinaigrette
Chicken Liver Crostini, Fig & Goat Cheese Crostini (totaling $4)
Chicken Liver Crostini, Fig & Goat Cheese Crostini (totaling $4)
Mini raviolis stuffed with nettles, ricotta, and truffle (if my memory serves me right)
Mini raviolis stuffed with nettles, ricotta, and truffle (if my memory serves me right)
Tagliatelle with beef and pork ragu
Tagliatelle with beef and pork ragu
Hanger steak with garlic and rosemary
Hanger steak with garlic and rosemary
Stuffed Baked Trout
Stuffed Baked Trout
Dessert: Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
Dessert: Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Total price of all of the above: $60.

Luce is not only a delightful dining experience, but an incredibly affordable one as well. The atmosphere is homely as if you were in a dining room in rural Liguria, and an ideal place to take your parents and grandparents if they come to town as the food is also “bare bones” yet healthy Italian using the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

While Anne and I didn’t drink with this meal, I believe that only wine is served and served and in adorable little stem-less glasses further accentuating the comfortable non-pretentious dining environment.

As for our favourites, the steak most definitely came in first place followed by both pastas. While the greens were a nice accompaniment to fulfill our “vegetable” quotas du jour, Anne was not crazy about one particularly pungent green (we couldn’t figure out the name, sorry). The trout was also tasty and baked to perfection with some sort of parmesan-herb filling, but nothing to write home about. We also thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed service and having the plates come out as they were ready allowing for a prolonged and leisurely dining experience allowing us to savour each dish on it’s own.

Luce on Urbanspoon

Also on a side note, I wanted to add that I finally have a new Twitter account! I added a link to the sidebar, but here it is as well: @Sara_Korhonen


2 thoughts on “A Tuesday At Luce

  1. I just discovered your blog! I’m bookmarking. I’ve also been curious about Luce since the Bon Appetit nod and have the same fear about the wait, good to know there’s hope (if you go on a Tuesday).

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