Dischrawl Portland Sneak Peek Leak

Remember that mysterious four restaurant East Burnside Dishcrawl I told you all about last week?

Well, there are nine tickets left at last check and let me tell you this is an event you will NOT want to miss. This past Tuesday I had the honour of meeting up with Irene (Dishcrawls’ Portland Ambassador) for a tasting preview at three of the restaurants to be featured.

Here’s a hint for the first stop:

Mushroom crab cakes with green tomato chutney
Mushroom crab cakes with green tomato chutney

Succulent crab cakes texturally infused with chunks of mushroom and a sweet green tomato chutney. I’ll tell you that this is one of my favourite places along East Burnside’s delectable strip of restaurants and that you will absolutely not be disappointed by the other offerings to be presented here as well as the three other establishments.

If you still do not have any plans for Wednesday, May 8th, grab a ticket here! 

Yes, it is $45 which may be seemingly steep for a 20-something Portlander on a budget; however for the amount, quality, and variety of dishes you will be experiencing you truly are going to be getting past the paid value. Plus, there’s bound to be a plethora of wonderful people in attendance so if you’re new to Portland or looking to meet some new people, might as well check out this event.

See ya there xx


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