DTB: The Down to Brunch Mentality

Brunch has been missing from my life for a good three weeks, a three weeks which I spent sipping prosecco and espresso in Rome and shopping and socialising in Finland. However, that’s all for the next post since I’m still a bit too jetlagged to download and caption more than five photographs in a post.

Anyhow, it’s a Sunday; and Sunday before 3PM in Portland can only mean brunch.

I woke up at 11 this morning still hazy from a combination of ten hour time difference jetlag and the after effects of yesterday’s Mississippi Street Fair (read: Boots at Prost). Fortunately, my #1 BBFL (Brunch Buddy for Life), Anne decided to phone me a couple of hours later…conversation as following:

Anne: Heyyyy…have you eaten?

Me: Heyyy…No. Have you?

Anne: No.

(semi awkward pause)

Anne: Do you want to eat?

Me: Yeah totally

Anne: Do you want to eat brunch?

Me: Uh yeah totally

Anne: Do you want to eat brunch with me?

Me: Yeah totally.

48 minutes later we end up at Sweedeedee, a delightful brunch spot on N Albina and Sumner which Anne discovered over the past couple of weeks.

Buns bigger than my face
Buns bigger than my face

The first thing I noticed besides the adorable homey atmosphere in this North Portland neighbourhood eatery was the tantalising baked goods case; most notably the size of the sweet buns.

The rest of the freshly baked goods including Sweedeedee's signature salted honey pie
The rest of the freshly baked goods including Sweedeedee’s signature salted honey pie

I regret not having taken a photograph of the menu; but in summary Sweedeedee’s menu features several breakfast plates (think a potato plate with smoked trout and eggs, corncakes, avocado toast with eggs, etc), several unique choices of sandwiches (such as a BLB with the second B being for beets), and fresh salads abundant with seasonal vegetables.

Anne’s favourite brunch dish in Portland: Corncakes, fried eggs, collard greens, bacon, and maple syrup

Anne briefly considered branching out from her usual at Sweedeedee, the corn cakes…only to reverse her decision and go with her old favourite. Luckily unlike myself Anne is not a member of the clean plate club so I got to help her out by having half a ridiculously delectable fried egg topped corn cake all to myself. If you’re looking for a dish which perfects the balance of sweet and savoury, this beats fried chicken and waffles, no doubt.

My choice: “Good Buddy” Salad: Braised beef, seasonal vegetables (think shredded beets, radishes, carrots, and greens) with a side of grainy toast

I on the other hand decided on a salad; mostly due to the fact that it was about a trillion degrees outside and I haven’t had vegetables since I was in Finland (mostly because I have not yet grocery shopped and have subsisted on a not-so-steady diet of European chocolate and Franziskaner Weissbier since I’ve been stateside). Don’t worry, mum, I’m heading to New Seasons to stock up on kale salad and Greek yoghurt as soon as I finish this post. 

Anyhow, the salad was delightful; a very fresh, satiating, and invigorating brunch choice tossed with a light tinge of vinaigrette and some fantastic grainy toast which I naturally doused in Cholula sauce.

Sweedeedee’s bright and bustling interior

I tried to take more photos, but until I get my new iPhone later this week, I kind of feel like an unsubtle loser for taking photos of starving strangers with an ipad mini.

Anyhow, brunch at Sweedeedee was absolutely fantastic and I seriously want to come back here every single day ever…but I guess it will have to only be weekend brunches from now on since I will be back to the employed life starting tomorrow.

Sweedeedee on Urbanspoon


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