Feast Portland 2013 Blogger Pass

I know I’ve been slacking on Salt. Water. Coffee. when I realise that I am YET to announce on this blog some fantastic news I received a couple of weeks back regarding one of our country’s most anticipated food events of the year, Feast Portland.


I applied for a Blogger Pass after meeting Feast co-founder, Carrie Welch at Urbanspoon’s Urbanhour event at Accanto and I am thrilled to announce that that application was accepted and I have been granted a pass to several of the events that will take place during this three day Gourmand Paradise.

So what are the events included in this pass?

1) The Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting Presented by Alaska Airlines: This two day event will transform Pioneer Courthouse Square into a bazaar filled with Oregon’s finest artisans, vendors, breweries and wineries. There will be cooking demonstrations from our state’s most notable chefs and opportunities to explore our region’s fine wines and brews.

2) Whole Foods Market Speaker Series: Several talks covering all sorts of fascinating topics such as GMO transparency, how to run a successful food business, Portland’s role in the culinary sphere, and many more.

3) Whole Foods Best Butcher Contest & Fishmonger Face-Off: A competition featuring our nation’s best butchers and fishmongers showing off their skills. Also featuring some surf-and-turf samples and live music.

4) Urbanspoon Media Lounge: A haven where all of us bloggers can recharge our iphones, refresh our Instagram feeds, reapply mascara and cleanse our palates from all the hustle and bustle. Oh and apparently there will be some bites, sips, and opportunities to interview Feast participants. Can’t even iterate how excited I am for this.

Besides the events included in the pass, I am also planning on splurging a chunk of my first paycheck at my new job on two other events:

1) High Comfort at The Nines Hotel: An extremely decadent event featuring endless amounts of high calibre wines and the absolute finest and most extravagant renditions of comfort food (think your typical year’s quota of foie gras, caviar, and rich succulent meats).

2) Widmer Brothers Brewing Sandwich Invitational: Fifteen of America’s top chefs harnessing their creative juices and skill to create the most innovative renditions of the world’s favorite food category, the sandwich. And yes, lots of craft brews, fine wines, and specialty cocktails. Some of the restaurants you can expect to be represented? All my favourites including Laurelhurst Market, Ava Genes, and Clyde Common as well as some from other cities such as San Francisco and Austin.

If you have not yet got your tickets to Feast events, do so soon as possible as they are quickly selling out. And if you’re a self-proclaimed foodie/wino/socialite, this is definitely something you will want to splurge a little on. I didn’t go last year and let me just say that that may have been the worst case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that I have ever endured. We’re talking months.

Follow Feast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the respective embedded links!

Hope to see you all there! xox


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