San Francisco Eats and Cliche Vitamin D Deficiency Rants

I’ve been terrible at blogging…amongst other things (mainly split end and desk organisation related). And yes, you can consider this spur of the moment random posting a full-arsed effort to beef up the frequency of my posts so that I can hopefully meet the application criteria in order to receive a Feast Portland 2014 Blogger Pass.

The past couple of months, my work responsibilities have substantially increased and while this has been incredibly exciting, motivating and fruitful- it has also been exhausting- mentally, physically and every other condition that ends with -ally that you can think of.

Plus the harsh and S.A.D.-activating Portland winter has caused my skin tone to lighten up another two shades- enough that my ethnic ambiguity has cancelled out people guessing that I’m of central/south American lineage. I mostly just get “vaguely Persian looking or Lebanese” these days. Oh well. Winter is tough. Life is tough. Who wants to get some tapas and craft cocktails with me tonight?

I’ve also become slightly malnourished. And by slightly I mean a vitamin D, iron and electrolyte deficiency possibly due to my recent diet of premium fair-trade chocolate samples, Stumptown hairbender, and well…champagne because champagne is ever present in my life.  Oh well, more the reason for me to blog more and get that Feast pass I suppose.

So now that you have read skimmed past my slightly self-deprecating rant; I do indeed have a stunner of a food post prepared for you. Last week, I was sent on my first business trip- and perhaps the most fantastic sort of business trip I could have possibly been sent on: A trip to San Francisco to attend the Winter Fancy Foods Show- essentially a showcase of over 1300 gourmet food brands and distributors  and plenty of delectable samples (amongst networking and work of course).

My Fancy Foods badge
My Fancy Foods badge

San Francisco is one of the nine cities I consider a hometown. I was born there and used to live not far off in Marin County up until starting college in Portland- one of the things I wanted to do in my free time on this short business trip was to reconnect with some friends and dine at a few of the city’s fantastic restaurants. The first night I arrived, my best friend from high school, Marta picked me up from SFO and we headed to Gitane, a delightful eatery in an alley near the Financial District.

Gitane was stunning. The craft cocktails were beautifully constructed albeit not too strong while the food was beautifully executed. The braised lamb stuck out in particular, amazingly succulent.

My second night in San Francisco; after spending seven hours on the floor at Fancy Foods, I met up with my dear friend, Olive for mezcal cocktails at Delarosa and supper at A16 in the Marina District.

The burrata was fantastic; rich, creamy, and simple. A16 is also known for their pizzas, but after walking around all day I wanted nothing more than a beautiful slab of steak and some veggies.

And, my final night in San Francisco, I headed to Bar Agricole with my coworker, Trevor and some friends of our COO. Bar Agricole is a Portland-esque spot in SOMA with a stunning craft cocktail list.

Bar Agricole was on point. I’m not typically a deviled eggs person- but from the approximately 17 times in my life I have had deviled eggs, these were by far the best. I also discovered that night that I am actually NOT allergic to Brussels Sprouts and probably just ate some slightly rancid ones back in college that led me to believe that I was. Exciting. Too bad Brussels Sprouts season is coming to an end. Now I know.


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