Spring Friendsday and Glam up Your Gin & Juice: Izze 24 Pack Giveaway

Alright, friends; I think I’m ready to do my first giveaway. Does that make me a real blogger now?

When Chloe of Little Green Pickle e-mailed me last week asking if I would be willing to host a giveaway for Izze Sparkling Juice, I couldn’t say no.

First of all, let me first say that I am not typically a juice/carbonated beverage/soda person. In fact, the only caloric liquids I typically consume are in the forms of champagne and craft cocktails (I’m not counting coffee in this since I like to keep it as black as my YSL kohl). However, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Izze and not just because it usually comes in posh glass bottles and has an ultra-chic logo and name. Izze is made from pure, real fruit juice and sparkling water- that’s it! No weird corn syrups, preservatives, or other stuff our grandmothers wouldn’t have heard of.

In addition, Izze is hosting a fabulous event here in Portland on March 19th that I will be attending and you can enter to win an invite for yourself and three friends at this Facebook Link!

What is this event? A Spark of Spring on Friendsday Night

When is it? Wednesday, March 19th

Where is it? The rooftop of the Eastside Exchange. AKA one of the flossiest rooftops in Portland overlooking the Burnside bridge and the west side (I went there for it’s opening and almost had a coronary over how fantastic and glam the space is).

And why is this event fabulous? My friends, it’s an excuse to pop bottles mid-week with your friends! Plus, you’ll get to mingle and meet other local movers/shakers/socialites; listen to live music from Fort Atlantic, get an Izze goodie bag, enjoy bites from my #1 lady chef crush, Naomi Pomeroy (of Beast and Expatriate); and impeccable craft cocktails created by Kyle Linden Webster (formerly of St. Jack and currently of Expatriate). Then we can after party at Dig A Pony down the street (I added that part myself)!

Oh, yeah now back to that whole giveaway part of this post:

Photo from Izze's website
Photo from Izze’s website

So, friends, not only is Izze sending me a 24-pack of these for my own leisure; but they have ALSO promised to send the winner of this giveaway a 24-pack as well. How do you enter my first giveaway? As much as I want you all to submit to me your best #OOTD (Outfit of the day) pics and go doubletap stroke my ego on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin; I’m going to make this far more simple and give you three options to enter (and if you do all three then that’s three entries for you):

1) Be my Mixologist: Comment below with recommendations for a cocktail using any of Izze’s flavours. Yes, it can be a virgin cocktail- just know I’ll probably add a shot of Hendrick’s to it then.

2) Follow and Retweet: Follow Izze (@izze) and I (@Sara_Korhonen) on Twitter and tweet/retweet about this giveaway and then let me know you did so in the comments.

3) Post on your own blog: Post a link to this giveaway on your own blog and let me know you did so in the comments!

Ready, set go! I’ll be selecting a winner this Friday (March 14th) at 5PM PST.

xoxo Sara


8 thoughts on “Spring Friendsday and Glam up Your Gin & Juice: Izze 24 Pack Giveaway

    1. CONGRATS! You won the giveaway and can thank Random Integer Generator. Please e-mail me your full name and shipping address and I’ll pass it over to Izze!

  1. My husband got really into Palomas on our last trip to Mexico. I think it was just sparkling grapefruit and Tequila! This would be perfect with Izze. I loved plain Izze when I was pregnant as a treat, too.

  2. Wait, why isn’t #OOTD an entry option again? I’m a simple girl when it comes to making cocktails (that’s why I go out and let the masters make it for me), so Izze Clementine and champagne/prosecco, maybe a little spoonful of orange sherbert

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