20th Century Glamour: Cocktail Menu Launch Soiree at The Heathman

As much as I adore hitting the club and clinking glasses of Dom to some A$ap and Juicy J, I equally adore a classy cocktail soiree. A place where I can don pearls and a delicate pair of pumps whilst sipping on a limoncello craft cocktail with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

When I received an invite to The Heathman Restaurant and Bar’s new Cocktail Menu Launch Private Party, I immediately RSVP’d. And since I also got to bring a guest, I invited my darling friend, Kaela. Kaela and I have known each other for a few months now- having met through several mutual friends and well…we hit it off pretty fast. For one thing we’re both seemingly delicate chiquitas with a whole lot of stamina for making the most out of our weekends (and…weeknights). Kaela has some bartending jobs on her resume so I figured if there was any one of my lady friends to appreciate unique and elegantly crafted cocktails, it would be her.

Our first sample; the negroni.
Our first sample; the negroni.

Upon arriving at The Heathman, Kaela and I were each greeted with our first cocktail to sample- the Northwest Grapefruit Negroni (House-bottled Aviation Gin, Carpano Antica, Campari, Combier Pamplemousse). It was everything a negroni should be; a solid balance of citrus, sweetness…and well, Aviation Gin.

Platter of Negronis
Platter of Negronis

The Heathman Restaurant is gorgeous; I’ve only been there once- and it was with my friend Erica a couple of years back for some Sunday morning mimosas. With as many new “It” bars and restaurants that pop up over Portland, it’s sometimes easy to forget about some of the landmark spots that have been around for decades. While I can imagine that the crowd that typically frequents The Heathman is of a different demographic than some of the newer ‘trendy’ spots, it’s still a fantastic choice of location if you’re looking for a classic, 20’s-esque atmosphere and vibe.

Every single cocktail we tasted was stunning- and very different from the last. The only one I did not have the chance to taste that was being served was the Manhattan (which may have been a good thing since it was a weeknight after all). Kaela and I agreed that our favourite was the Provence- not only was it a gorgeous cocktail (and had this unique asparagus-like magenta stem in it); but it was refreshing and vibrant without being too sweet. In other words, the ideal summertime libation- a bit of Goose, a  splash of limoncello and all topped off with some sparkling brut and lavender perfume. Just the ingredients made me want to instagram caption my picture of it as #glamlife.

The Oregon Berries cocktail was also a delectable summertime cocktail; fruity and fizzy. And the margarita? Think a fusion of a marg and sangria- splendid and herbaceous and elevated with a float of Pinot.

Besides, cocktails, we were also served several hors d’oeuvres at the soiree:

Hors d’oeuvres and craft cocktails: Supper of the champions.

And of course, before Kaela and I hit our next event for the evening at the Portland Art Museum- we were given these darling little gift bags:

A St. Germain Recipe Book and cocktail making equipment!
A St. Germain Recipe Book and cocktail making equipment!

Between this gift bag and the gift bag I received from the IZZE soiree the night before, I think I am ready to host my own cocktail soiree.The dress code? Blazers, pearls, YSL lipstick, pumps, lace, fur and Cruella DeVil cigarette holders…for decor of course. Look for an invite once I’ve had enough practise with that recipe book.

Huge thanks to Bar Chef Kathy Casey, Executive Chef Michael Stanton, the folks at The Heathman Restaurant & Bar and Lane PR for the opportunity to experience the new menu. We’ll be back soon!

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