Bon Appetit Hot 10: Experience MÅURICE at Feast Portland’s Dessert for Dinner Event

Delicate, cute, quaint and eloquent. These were the first adjectives that came to mind when I met up with my friend, Anne for a glass of wine and some baby nibbles at MÅURICE, a somewhat new pastry shop/dessert bar/luncheonette on SW Oak a block down from it’s polar opposite establishment, Sizzle Pie.

I’ve wanted to venture out to MÅURICE for several weeks now; it’s location tag on instagram brings up a plethora of stunning images of miniature china topped with elegantly composed dishes such as lefse, a polenta clafoutis with poached egg or their already famous desserts with descriptions such as “Kristen’s signature Black Pepper Cheesecake, 3-Nut Sablé Cookie Crust, Strawberry Leather” or “Fig Tarte Tatin with Blue Cheese Gelato Duck Fat Puff Pastry.” Plus on top of that, Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit Magazine just named MÅURICE one of America’s Best  New Restaurants in his 2014 Hot Ten list. Now that’s quite the feat.

Pastry chef, Kristen Murray is the gastronomy genius behind MÅURICE; and with a resume that includes establishments such as Marcus Samuelsson’s Aquavit and Gramercy Tavern you can be reassured that you’ll not only swoon indulging in what she lays upon that miniature china, but you will also want to take a picture since it will make you feel like a professional photographer.

MÅURICE is only open until 7pm, and like any good pastry shop you can imagine that the closer it gets to closing, the less options are available. Anne and I made that mistake by sauntering in at 6:41 PM with a hankering for that black pepper cheesecake; however we were still thrilled with the alternatives that remained and have also learned our lesson that our next excursion over will happen a little closer to lunch hour. Plus we still got to get a taste of both the savory and sweet sides of the menu offerings:

Farro, melon and tomato salade with feta.
Farro, melon and tomato salade with feta.
Korora double chocolate cookie, petit kaffe cardamom macarons and roasted nut and sultana truffles.
Korora double chocolate cookie, petit kaffe cardamom macarons and roasted nut and sultana truffles.

Everything was amazing. The salad was the perfect summer appetiser and so simple that each individual flavour and texture got to shine through. The treats, also impeccable, unique and inspiring. Definitely the sort of nibble you’d like to have beside you as you watch The Great Gatsby in an Oscar de la Renta nightgown by the fireplace on a tranquil Wednesday night.

Besides a MUCH recommended venture over to MÅURICE, I also have another option for you to partake in if you’re looking for a glamorous and delectable dining experience that will simultaneously fulfill your biggest childhood dream. Plus, for any men in my audience looking for a gift to give their special one, I’m about to make you the best husband/fiancee/boyfriend/boothang/platonic date ever with this suggestion…

Feast Portland’s Dessert for Dinner Dinner Series! If you’re free on Thursday, September 18th at 7PM then what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of tickets to this out-of-this-world DELICIOUS event on the first night of one of the nation’s finest gourmet food festivals! Besides Kristen Murray of MÅURICE, you will also get to enjoy sweet treats from these chefs:

Alissa Frice (Frice Pastry)

Tim Healea (Little T Bakery)

Carrie Merrill (Urban Farmer)

Philip Speer (Uchi Restaurants in Austin, TX).

So, QUICK! Tickets to Feast events are selling faster than that black pepper cheesecake so grab them before they’re gone right here!



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