FEAST Week is Here: How to Take Care of Yourself Before, During, and After.

And Feast Week is upon us; the biggest weekend of food, beverage and super flossy afterparties of the year.

Sadly, I started Feast Week yesterday sick in bed with food poisoning and living on a diet of vegetable broth and ginger tea…which I guess you could call an inadvertent Pre-Feast cleanse of sorts. Because of that, you can imagine I’ll be taking EXTRA precautions with my health prior to Feast’s commencement on Thursday so that I could make the most out of these next few crazy days.


For those of you attending Feast, I’ve created three miniature guides below for how to help yourself feel stellar before, during and after the epic Munch and Guzzle Fest:


  1. Get at least eight hours of REM sleep. Both nights.
  2. Do not consume any alcohol because it interrupts your sleep patterns, dehydrates you and you already have plenty of it in your future this week so just say no and have some Pellegrino with lemon instead.
  3. Eat 5-8 mini meals per day. to prep your body and metabolism to be grazing on a lot of food over the course of a lot of hours. Don’t eat too much and don’t eat too little.
  4. Make those mini meals CLEAN. Try to avoid fried, fatty, greasy, overly saccharine meals and instead focus on broth-based soups, salads, lean proteins and all those cliches that health magazines are always telling you to eat.
  5. Get in some exercise. I’m a hypocrite on this one because the only exercise I’ll be getting is walking in high heels to and from meetings; but because I have your best interest at heart- it’s probably wise to do a Barre3 class, go to yoga or go on a pre-work jog tomorrow.
  6. Remember to wash your face and wipe off all your makeup before bed because obviously you want to look all luminescent and alive when you run into all your Celebrity Chef Crushes!

During Feast:

  1.  Take naps on the days you don’t have to go back to work between events. Naps will be your best friend; if you live far then find a friend who doesn’t and pay them with access to the after parties to let you nap on their couch between events.
  2. Avoid overdoing the day turn-up. Yes it is tempting to try ALL THE WINES at the Oregon Bounty Tastings but wine makes you sleepy and you don’t want to be sluggish at Night Market, Smoked or Lord forbid, the after parties. Keep it to a sample here and there and alternate each glass of wine with both 8oz of water and a few sips of Stumptown Coffee. Moderation is key.
  3. Remember that you don’t have to sample everything. Feast has more eating options than anyone can imagine and just because it is there it doesn’t mean you have to consume it. Be choosy and opt to splitting samples with a friend so that you still get to have a taste.
  4. Dress fashionably but comfortably and definitely DO NOT wear high heels to the Night Market or you will hate your life and try to pay other people for their shoes. High heels really only work at the after parties, so go ahead and wear your Birkenstocks for all the earlier events and save the #glamlife for the after after party. For clothes; stick to dark colors and think along the lines of leggings, A-line skirts, oversize sweaters and statement jewelry.
  5. Carry advil, water, your prescription medications, your phone charger, deodorant, chapstick, mouthwash and dental floss at all times.
  6. Utilize legal appetite stimulants in the privacy of your home…but only if they don’t have the potential to make you sleepy and a couch potato.

After Feast:

You should probably ask for Monday, the 21st off and spend the day Netflixing and Chilling with a six pack of Gatorade and low sodium soup.

See you there!


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