The Science of Routine Obedience: Sara Edition

I’ve never been good at starting new routines intentionally; or maybe that’s just my self doubt talking and I’ve just never tried hard enough. In fact it is most likely the latter. I am excellent at staying on top of routines if they’re work related…just as long as I take that first step to create a repeating Google Calendar event with all the right alerts. But hey, that one day I turn off the alert to not have my phone go off in the middle of a dentist appointment…let’s just say it will take a lot of work to ever slide it back to on again.

I used to be such an early riser; a 6am-er who would religiously get up, make two full cups of Peet’s Major Dickasons coffee and eat my Fage 2% yogurt topped with berries, cinnamon and zucchini bread. I seriously went about seven years of my life where my refrigerator was never void of Fage 2%, berries or zucchini bread. SEVEN YEARS. I was also incapable of leaving the house if I didn’t have at least three hours of wake-up/get ready/alone time. I think that was the case up until 2012. In my current state I don’t think I’ve had a cup of Fage (or any other Greek yogurt for that matter) since at least spring of 2015 and I actually can’t remember the last time I ate a fruit because now I suck and just eat lots of fancy pizzas, cheese plates and Middle Eastern dips. Sometime between 2012 and the present, there were a lot of changes in routine and they were all inadvertent. I guess you could say I became more chill…well sort of.

Up until three weeks ago I would struggle to wake up before 8:30am, drive back to my parent’s house every morning to pick out my clothes and drink coffee from an Espresso Machine then roll into work and stay til the evening then go home and watch shitty Netflix shows while drinking extremely subpar wine found at this brightly lit snackshop near my house…I believe its called the Argyle Pantry or something like that. Seriously. And then on weekends I’d take a Lyft somewhere to meet friends, order whiskey gingers, then at 2am go to someone’s house and end up spending stupid amounts of money on shitty Postmates orders or Sizzle Pie for the whole group. Then I’d hate myself the next day and stay in bed with my cats and my phone off until Monday rolled around and I had to get up for work.

Talk about a boring and predictable life. I haven’t left the country since 2013 and before that I used to go abroad at least twice a year. In fact one of my passports expired and the filled out renewal application has been in my trunk for two months and I intended to stop at the Post Office on the way to work the other morning but instead I spaced out at the traffic light thinking about how donuts were invented and decided not to turn back by the time I remembered four blocks past the Post Office. Ugh.

So these past three weeks I’ve been attempting to change my most recent “normal.” I downloaded a budget and have become successfully obsessive over budgeting and becoming less depressed about all the hard adulty bills I’ve had to pay. I also have a trip to Europe booked in August so there’s something to look forward. I’ve also gone skiing twice on my own accord for the first time in eight years and I’ve also started putting my vitamins and medications on my nightstand with a full glass of water every night before bed so that I have no excuse for not taking them. I’m also trying to eat healthier since my immune system has been noticeably sucky this year- I’m trying to cook at home more, eat out less and eat more vegetables and stop drinking shitty wines and whiskey gingers. And finally, I’m going to make an effort to get back to writing because I’ve let my creative side wilt for too long. My domain got fudged up several months back and several of my recent blog posts got deleted and I had to cough up around $200 to get my domain back and make it usable again. Yes, a rip-off but now that I’ve paid that $200 it would be a disservice to myself if I let it go to waste so here’s my vow to start blogging again- both for myself and both so I can’t stop feeling super guilty every time I get invited with a media pass to really cool things and have people ask the name of my blog and instead I just refer them to go to my Instagram. I’m taking this seriously guys, I just put in my Google calendar an appointment for twice a week where I focus on writing a post; regardless of if I decide to publish it or not. Hopefully none of those times coincide with any future dentist appointments.

Also, I bought the domain because I have a super basic Finnish name and I don’t want one of my namesakes to get the rights to that the way they did with a gmail address. In fact, you can also look at this blog at

Now if you managed to read through all that, what motivates you to make changes and how do you get yourselves to stick to those changes?


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