Some people set their alarms and save up their lunch money for Coachella, other people set their alarms and cancel their gym memberships to save money for Feast Portland. I’m one of the latter types and it is not just because massive crowds of overly trendy people wearing $500 distressed booty shorts give me anxiety but also because four days of back to back eating and drinking some of the best food and beverage in the country while hanging out with all the chefs, food writers, distillers,brewers, bartenders and food geeks is my idea of a spiritual experience.

It has been eight months since Feast 2015 concluded and the final closing party left a pretty epic impression on me combining all my favorite things. In short it was a beautiful September Sunday, warm and clear skies and what started out as eating Gregory Gourdet’s delicious fare on the Departure rooftop with the blogger squad and all the chefs I have “coolness crushes on” resulted in an epic sunset dance party that marked the beginning of my obsession with “Hotline Bling,” (I’m serious…that was the first time I heard it).

With Feast going on its fifth year (and each one getting better), I’ve got high hopes for Feast 2016 and guess what? The schedule goes live tomorrow at 9am and tickets start going on sale MAY 20th at 9am PST. Set your alarm, will you? It is bound to sell out real fast. REAL FAST.

Check out my coverage from Feast 2015’s Night Market HERE




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