Bienvenue à Salt Water Coffee!

What’s with the name? Salt Water Coffee is the brainchild of a 2am struggle to name my fourth blog something with at least a sprinkle of wit (some sort of a sleep-deprived idea of a play on Salt Water Taffy/Toffee). And no, unlike ACTUAL salt water brewed coffee, this blog will not leave a bad taste in your mouth (not to mention a severe need to rehydrate).

Blog focuses (foci? is that a word?):

1. Portland, Oregon: This Pacific Northwest culture enclave is my current place of residence and thus the primary location for the majority of the content posted on this site.

2. Food: Straight to the point. I love cooking, eating, dining n dishing, perusing farmer’s markets, sipping meticulously crafted cocktails and spending exorbitant chunks of time picking mushrooms, analysing menus, and organising my refrigerator…then photographing it all.
Salt Water Coffee Portland restaurants

3. Fashion: Besides Tastespotting and FoodPornDaily- surfing, fashion magazines, blogs, and intently viewing Fashion Week runway shows were my other primary procrastination tactic during thesis season. One of my lifelong aspirations has been to score a job with Chanel or LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy)- so there’s a LOT of that on here.

4. Lifestyle Shenanigans: Another word for miscellaneous life happenings worth photographing and discussing.

Oh yes and it is also worth noting that an elementary knowledge of the French language might be useful in the viewing of this blog considering my tendency to insert Franglais when trying to evoke a specific essence 🙂

All questions/comments/inquiries are welcome and appreciated!

Thanks for stopping bye!

xx Sara


5 thoughts on “What’s Salt Water Coffee?

  1. cool blog, excellent food choices. btw, you don’t need the second hyphen, it should just be “qu’est-ce que c’est”

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