TOAST 2015 Giveaway Winner

As promised, folks, a winner for a $45 General Admission ticket to Toast 2015 has been selected from last week’s post I put up announcing the contest.


Since I’m still learning how to do cool stuff like plugins for contests and such, I simply used a random number generator that I found on the internet to select a winner for the giveaway. I numbered the seven comments left on my prior post as 1-7, the two tweets as 8-9 and the three Instagram comments as 10-12.

And…the winner is…

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 3.58.42 PM

Which means that Melissa wins the ticket to TOAST 2015 at Leftbank Annex on March 7th!

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 3.59.10 PM

Congratulations, Melissa! If I may say so myself, you do have impeccable taste choosing the Crazy 88 at Departure as one of your favourite Portland cocktails. Please e-mail me at your e-mail address and full name so that I can e-mail you your ticket 🙂

As for everyone else, I still HIGHLY encourage you pack your lunch a few days next week and use that money towards a ticket to TOAST so that you also can have the opportunity to taste 120 different spirits from 40 distilleries and munch on bites from Smallwares, Olympic Provisions, The Bent Brick, Stella Taco and the up and coming Ringside Grill.

For ticket and event information, click here!


If the World Was Ending and a Side of Olympic Provisions

I do not actually believe that the world will end on Friday- mostly because it will already be Saturday in Samoa and therefore not the 21st slash end of the world in the whole world. Besides, I am clearly not grabbing life by it’s La Perla-fied jugs since I am spending my alleged last fifty-something hours in a bathrobe with a cell-repairing face mask simultaneously blogging and laundering all my leggings. Obviously if the world was ending the last thing I would be concerned with besides the caloric content of dulce de leche cheesecake is the rejuvenation of my face cells.

Instead, if I were completely certain that we were about to encounter the apocalypse, I would flock together everyone I know (and enjoy the company of) in my immediate vicinity and acquire a private jet (or just book the entire Emirates A380 first class cabin) to Dubai and spend fourteen hours double fisting glow in the dark Dom Perignon and negotiating a booking for an emergency End of the World outfit fitting at Alexander McQueen post-touchdown.

Then again as I am a very logistic-oriented thinker, this may indeed be a difficult plan of action as the entire world would be in a fit of chaos since the majority of humanity would be ruthlessly acting on their end-of-the-world desires. Instead (we are realistically speaking here for a change) I would probably get lazy, stay in Portland and do the same things I normally do except exponentially enhanced (ie. have generous portions of foie gras at every meal, wear sequins/fur/Louboutins everywhere including to bed)…and fly in my best friend, Naz to do it all beside me. Then, I would probably just get real forlorn and nostalgic and call everyone I know and insist we go to brunch…and give lots of hugs and kisses.

Olympic Provisions, SE Menu
Olympic Provisions, SE Menu
Italian Board: Two Italian salamis, mortadella, capicola, fresh Italian sausage, Pecorino Sardo
Italian Board: Two Italian salamis, mortadella, capicola, fresh Italian sausage, Pecorino Sardo
Bloody Mart
Bloody Mary
Yukon Gold Potato Gratin, onion-mushroom ragout, poached eggs
Yukon Gold Potato Gratin, onion-mushroom ragout, poached eggs
Sweetheart Ham Benedict
Sweetheart Ham Benedict

Olympic Provisions is a good choice for a last brunch if you also happen to be in Portland when the world ends; that’s about as much of a review as you’re going to need. Also the potatoes here are to die for…that and the meat and the consistency of their poached eggs.

What would you do if the world was ACTUALLY ending on Friday night?

If you had 24 hours to do absolutely whatever you wanted and those 24 hours would be deleted from your life and void of any consequence/repercussions what would you do? 

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The Mornings After

It’s summertime in Portland; the skies are clear and light pashmina shawls are worn not for temperature but to conceal some of the silky sundress induced nips (decipher as you will)

The sun sets late and thus prolongs the night. With the vast majority of my foreign friends being gone, I’ve been spending a lot of time daytime and late night frolicking around NE Portland with my work friends slash David and Anne (who have successfully integrated into the crew that is my work friends and their friends)- in parks, at the bachelorette pads and basements of friends, on patios, the sidewalk, and of course at brunch.

Caitlin has offered me multiple times to crash at her Alberta pad on those 3am nights when I insisted on going home to get my beauty rest (beauty…who am I kidding) because I had a brunch reservation to tend to in the morning. Yes, for some setting a 9am alarm for brunch sounds like a chore, but really there is nothing better than arriving to a classy PDX establishment on a brightly lit summer day- Matthew Williamson shades on (and kept on), one or two missing brain cells, and a glorious menu to pawn over…and then of course stories to recount.

So here I bring forth, not one, not two, but THREE epic Morning After Portland brunches; and I’m saving the best (and most epic of them all) for the end of the post.

The Country Cat

The Country Cat is in the neighbourhood of Montavilla, residing far out East on SE Stark and 80th. It’s an interesting dichotomy of a neighbourhood with a seemingly large immigrant population and cornucopia of ethnic grocers and eating establishments (everything from Ethiopian/East African to authentic dim sum hotspots). The particular stretch on Stark where it resides however is abundant with a few notable Portland establishments such as The Observatory, and then of course this homely Southern influenced brunch spot.

The menu…always the question of whether to have sweet or savoury
Anne: Cinnamon Swirl Challa French Toast
Dipped in Maker’s Mark custard with Winter fruit compote, clabber cream, & maple syrup
Me: Wild Mushroom & Fontina Cheese Omelet
Served with home fries
David: Shrimp and Grits topped with a fried egg
Kat: Smoky Bacon & Broccoli Hash
With two poached eggs & mustard cream

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Olympic Provisions (NW)

Anyone who knows anything about charcuterie in Portland (or perhaps the entire northwest) has heard of Olympic Provisions. Besides being Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria, the two locations (the other being in SE Industrial district) also feature an enticing deli and full on restaurant. Since David decided to bail out on our brunch plans this week (for good reason…his grandma is in town), we decided to stay on the westside. After a mere five hours of shut-eye, I put on some shades, a floral romper (though I despise rompers) and my Alexander Wang satchel (to add a semblance of glamour to my diced start du jour) and headed to meet Anne…who predictably looked v glamorous in an entirely Kate Spade/Tory Burch ensemble.

Too many excellent choices…per usual
Anne: Breakfast sandwich with bacon,
two eggs, cheddar cheese, ketchup, arugula
Me: Daily Frittata stuffed with asparagus, gruyere, and sorrel with schmaltz-roasted potatoes, and very buttery toast

This was the most delightful breakfast brunch considering my physiological state; plus having had a rather jumbled day of eating on the day before (artisanal cheese plates, slices of bresaola, strawberries, pecorino fries, and several Boot Strap Bucks/El Diablos at Kask); this was the ultimate satiation.

Olympic Provisions on Urbanspoon

…And now, for the most famous brunch in all of Portland (and perhaps the Northwest)…I present to you Top Chef mistress, Naomi Pomeroy’s…


Just so you know, David, Anne and I had made our 10am reservation at this famed establishment nearly a month in advance. Beast has two brunch sessions each Sunday, one at 10 and one at 12 noon and then they have dinner Wednesday-Saturday nights with two nightly seatings. The brunch is a set charge of $35 and a four course surprise menu with never a single dish repeated. Despite having gorged on a Pine State Biscuit a mere 8 hours prior (that’s for another post) and having indulged in a mere five hours of sleep from another Alberta adventure, I was beyond the valley of stoked for this experience

My kind of place…
And…the surprise revealed

I love not having to stress about menu choices; in fact I will inadvertently shun any dining establishment with too large of a menu- I do not want to be given a choice; just give me what you’re good at, what’s in season, and what will be delicious (especially during the most debilitated classy meal of the week…I simply do not have the brainpower prior to carbs and Stumptown to make a coherent decision)

Also…David and Anne were quite stoked on not having to wait for me to photograph the food this time since we were ALL having the same thing

Course 1: Rhubarb Clafoutis with candied hazelnuts, whipped cream and maple-glazed bacon (I gave my bacon away to David)

While a delightful first course, it was a tad too sweet for my first taste du jour, but that’s really my fault

Course 2: Braised pork belly hash with maitake mushrooms, artichokes, turnips, asparagus and cauliflower, a poached duck egg and hollandaise

Yes, Beast is a pork-heavy establishment and I went in realising that as a non-pork eater I would have to do a little picking- but this course was perhaps the single most incredible brunch plate I have ever had. I have developed a new affinity for duck egg- yolkier and more velvety than that of the chicken, and an absolute divinity when drenching a hash of fresh local vegetables.

Course 3: Gathering of Cheeses from Steve’s Cheese Bar, Gathering Together Farm Greens, and an aged Sauvignon Blanc vinaigrette
Course 4: Chocolate Truffle Cake, White Chocolate Mousse, and Oregon Strawberries

As much as I adore a fancy, unconventional, and savoury-tinged dessert; at the end of the day there is nothing like a slab of high calibre chocolate cake. At this point I was ridiculously stuffed but as one should know, I am not one to leave  a plate in residence

Conclusion: Phenomenal; now I just need to find someone willing to shell out $75 for the dinner here (in my defence I’ll sacrifice two Laurelhurst Market suppers to compensate). Any volunteers?

Beast on Urbanspoon

What are your summer weekend routines?